ECV - École De Communication Visuelle

ECV is above all an ambition shared by all those, near and far, who contribute to its purpose: to successfully prepare and train students for a career in artistic creation. A school's abilities are evaluated on the potential opportunities afforded to its graduates, as well as the level of respect its diploma commands.

Created in 1984, the diploma delivered by ecv is one of the few in France that has been granted the state recognition.

ECV is the major private school of visual communication in France.



1, rue du Dahomey
75011 PARIS
Phone: +33(0)155258010
Fax: +33(0)155258011

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Our Aims

ECV's education is based on the sound and simple principle of design and creation excellence; its teaching practices are developed in a spirit of openness onto the world around us and the changing creative techniques and professions.


Location and Getting there

Four schools in four different cities in France:

ECV Paris
1, rue du Dahomey
75011 Paris

ECV Aquitaine
42, quai des Chartrons
33000 Bordeaux

ECV Provence
580, avenue Mozart
13100 Aix-en-Provence

ECV Atlantique
20, rue de l'Héronnière
44000 Nantes  

Department and information about the department

The school's vocations :
A vocation as Preparatory workshop to provide students with the bases that will lead them in the right direction and the tools they need to take on the speciality of their choice. A vocation as school to steer students towards a career in visual communication.
Diversity, skill and passion are all part and parcel of a career in design and communication.
Diversity because the emergence of new technologies has caused a number of specialities like multimedia to join the ranks of traditional fields such as illustration, poster art and advertising.
Skill because with the fast-paced development of visual communication comes a higher demand for results, requiring greater precision and know-how.
Passion because that is what is required of these professions, in all their forms and at all times. Passion is what stimulates creativity and passion is what makes you commit yourself to this field like no other.

Academic Staff and Description

ECV's professional network

For over 20 years, ecv has developed a professional network of more than 1,000 agencies around the world, which has now grown even stronger by the presence of its graduates with these same agencies. This situation makes it much easier for students to find work placements and for graduates to integrate the workforce. A Louis Harris* survey confirms the quality of ecv graduate integration to the workforce, thus validating the primary focus of our approach to teaching.  

Information For  Undergraduates

The programme in four years leads to four main careers:


The visual identity of a brand or a product is the signature that accompanies it in any communication. It is the set of visual components that contribute to its awareness and recognition.

Visual identity is a sign that must be both simple and readable, while upholding the company values. Strong economic competition in an increasingly international context has driven companies to use design (visual identity, packaging, etc.) as a key component in their strategic marketing. The major design agencies have become international, operating as a network of branches that span the globe.

The aspect of visual communication with the most exposure, advertising is an integral part of our daily lives. The implementation of major poster, press and television ad campaigns is designed by the inseparable "creative team", the artistic director and the copywriter.

The land of communication par excellence, France boasts two of the top ten agencies in the world. Major groups often have a number of banners and agencies around the world, enabling them to meet cu...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

ECV4 (Master year):
Year of maturity, it gives students the tools to have a better understanding of agencies and more autonomy in the work place. Students also choose this year to specialize either in Graphic Design, Advertising Design or Multimedia.  

Information For  International Students

We welcome foreign students applications. This is fundamental for ecv to bring different nationalities among students and teaching staff. This human richness take part of the quality of the education.

The schools in Paris and Bordeaux have the benefit of the Erasmus Charter, while the ecv group as a whole is a member of the Cumulus network, which facilitates the signing of new protocols with international partners.  


1500 alumni in 2006, working in world's main agencies or in freelance.  

How To Apply


Enrolment begins in December.
Enrolment prerequisites for:
Preparatory workshop (1st year)
high school diploma
niveau baccalaureat
minimum age : 17 years old
individual interview with a member of the teaching staff
knowledge of French

ECV1 (2nd year)
minimum of 1 year higher education in graphic arts
competitive entrance examination in June in Paris
knowledge of French required.

ECV2, ECV3, ECV4 (3rd, 4th and 5th year)
minimum of 2,3 and 4 years of higher education in graphic arts.
Selection on the basis of qualifications : application package consisting of a CV, covering letter, most recent transcripts from a post-secondary art school, portfolio
knowledge of French
Short-listed students will appear before a jury who will make a final selection for entrance to the school.

Cost of studies 2007-2008
Enrolment fees:
European Union : 340 euros
Outside of the European Union : 680 euros

Tuition fees :
Preparatory workshop (1st year): 5,640 euros
ecv1 - ecv4 (2nd to 5th year): 7,460 euros  

Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)

ECV Paris
1, rue du Dahomey
75011 Paris
T. +33 1 55 25 80 10
F. +33 1 55 25 80 11
Contact : Marie Pantanacce

ECV Aquitaine
42, quai des Chartrons
33000 Bordeaux
T. +33 5 56 52 90 52
F. +33 5 56 52 17 74
Contact : Christine Fonteneau

ECV Provence
580, avenue Mozart
13100 Aix-en-Provence
T. +33 4 42 93 41 13
F. +33 4 42 93 11 33
Contact : Laurence Théveny

ECV Atlantique
20, rue de l'Héronnière
44000 Nantes
T. +33 2 40 69 15 13
F. +33 2 40 69 16 69
Contact : Jeanne Moulias