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EINA is a university-connected centre teaching design as a higher level course of study. But it is also a school for creative experimentation and professional learning, bringing together the many strands in the teaching of design and art from the Bauhaus workshops. In this sense, we might refer to EINA as a garden. Not only because gardens are particularly related to the school's physical environment, but also because, as in the Epicurean garden, EINA very much wants to be a place for reflection and for "getting the measure of things", a place where we can look after both the objects and the people who inhabit this space. University, workshop and garden are all concepts that make up this singular identity.

Since its origins, now more than 30 years ago, EINA has always been capable of rapidly taking on and assimilating the cultural changes that occur within society. Its identity has been shaped by the desire to teach, a desire consolidated by a group of teachers, scholars, theorists and art and design professionals. This wish has been of creating a specific framework for the free exercise of a teaching that is plural a... [ Read All ]



Passeig Santa EulĂ lia, 25
Phone: 0034 932 030 923
Fax: 0034 932 800 554
Website: http://www.eina.edu/

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Our Aims

The objectives laid down by EINA are those of training creators and professionals with a sense of independence and a capacity for the self-management of their knowledge and skills, with the ability to reaffirm the value of their aims and ideas both in society and in the market, empowered to adapt themselves to change and to the new scenes and ambits of professional life. For all these reasons, this school is committed to the process of learning based on:
- the cultivation of the students’ creativity and of their expressive abilities, fostering the synergy between art and design.
- analytical rigour, theoretical knowledge and argumentative ability as a foundation to all projects on and research into form.
- a close attention to the trade, to the discipline of technical work and an acquisition of technological command, whether this be of a traditional, industrial or computerised nature.
- a critical attitude with respect to the veiling of reality, visual pollution, the abuse of the panoramic and the process of making mass culture ever more banal.
- orientation towards aesthetic, social and cultural innovation as alternatives...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

Passeig Santa EulĂ lia, 25
08017 Barcelona

Tel: (+34) 932 030 923
Fax: (+34) 932 800 554

FFCC: Reina Elisenda or Peu del Funicular Station
Bus: 30, 34, 60 and 66  

Academic Staff and Description

Swiftness of response to the changes of context within which design is developed means fine-tuning resources in order to understand the professional scene facing future design students. It also means putting at their disposal those conceptual and technical resources that facilitate their entry into a changing labour market. Yet the social and cultural role of teaching is richer than the simple training of professionals for the world of work. This is so, in the first place, as the question of imposing a relationship of total correspondence between the demands of the economic and cultural contexts and the teaching made available, as liberal rationality currently requires, is highly debatable. A determined distance with respect to the mechanisms of functionality and to those objects that are socially accepted is both legitimate and necessary in the training of every individual.

Second, this is because, inclusive to the pragmatic character of teaching - as the training of design professionals can reductively be understood - the deficits of a more general cultural training constitute a limitation on the very exercising of the professi...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Undergraduates

The current study programme contemplates a four-year degree with a class load of 300 credits.

Students must opt for one of three specialised branches: Interior Design, Graphic Design or Product Design.

The degree is distributed into two academic cycles. The First Cycle (1st & 2nd course) is aimed at a general introduction, and the Second Cycle (3rd & 4th course) is aimed at deepening specialised knowledge and at preparation for professional activities within the field.

There are four types of subjects: general obligatory subjects common to the three branches of Design studies, obligatory subjects for each specialisation, optional subjects to be chosen from a range of subjects offered by the school, and Free Choice subjects to be chosen from the general courses offered by the UAB.

In order to complete the studies and obtain the degree, students are obliged to present a Final Project; this is undertaken in the 4th course.

Artistic training at EINA has three objectives: to broaden the student's horizons and liberate their capacity of expression; to instruct the students so ...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

Through the School of Doctorates and Continuous Education of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (http://www.uab.es/edfc/), EINA offers postgraduate diplomas as well as specialisation courses for professionals, which broaden and update the framework for reflection and facilitate the learning of new techniques in the field of art, design and communication.

Both the postgraduate diplomas and the specialisation courses are coordinated by EINA teachers and teachers from EINA and the UAB make up at least 40% of the teaching staff, together with visiting specialists. This combination creates a wealth of knowledge, which the school makes available to all those interested in receiving advanced training.

To enroll the following documents are necessary:
- three passport-size photos
- two photocopies of your passport or identity card
- reservation of a place through the payment of 20% of the total tuition fees. This fee will only be refunded if there are changes or modifications attributable to EINA.

To formalize the enrolment the follo...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

Erasmus is a programme of the European Union which enables university students to do part of their studies in another country of the European community. It is organised through bilateral agreements signed by the departments or centres of the different universities of the European community.
Those students who both satisfy the requirements and are studying in departments or centres which have an exchange programme can obtain a grant. The stay ranges from three months to a year, although it is possible to prolong the stay for a further year but without receiving any economic support. On returning, the subjects taken and the marks obtained are recognised.
The Erasmus grant provides for free tuition at the chosen university and further economic support to contribute to the expenses generated while studying abroad.
Applications for Erasmus are presented in April and information relating to the conditions and duration period of the grant can be found on the application forms.
There is a person within the school who is responsible for exchange programmes and for carrying out the following tasks: providing information about t...  [ Read All ]

Student Support

DEINA is an association for ex-students:

How To Apply

For entry requirements to Higher Qualifications in Design please go to http://www.eina.edu/ (Go to ‘Students’ then ‘Access’).

To enter Art Studies students will have to pass a test set by the school which consists of a written part, a drawing exercise and an interview with a teacher selected by the school directors.  

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