Ecole Regionale Superieure D'expression Plastique

The E.RS.E.P. (regional school of art) in Tourcoing is one of the 57 schools in France entitled by the Ministry of Culture to teach art. We have 220 students preparing natinal diplomas in 3 or 5 years after a level.

The aim of the school is to train art experts. He school is fully open to the outside and offers a high level cultural activity : works in a network of schools of art, exhibitions, schools trips.

When entering E.R.S.E.P., the student isn't confined in a mould. Each student is responsible for his (her) own itinerary, the teaching staff guiding and helping to carry out the project.

Since october 1999, E.R.S.E.P. has been the only school of art in France to be associated with a University.
The school and the Department of Arts of the University of Lille III are located right in the city center on the sites of a former brewery, a hospital and a textile mill.



36, bis rue des Ursulines
Phone: 0033(0)359634320
Fax: 0033(0)320112181

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Department and information about the department

Five years of post A-level studies divided into three cycles
The first year is common to all the school of art. It consists of acquiring different means of expression, increasing the student's ability to work, to do some research, to analyse. The second year is accesible after assigning credits or E.C.T.S.

Years 2 and 3
They forin one entity with a programme of teaching and différent exams.
At the end of the third year, the students take a national exam : National Diploma of Arts

Years 4 and 5
The student does some research and carries out his (her) project.
At the end of the fifth year, there is the National Superior Diploma of Arts


Academic Staff and Description

Manager :

Administration team:
Catherine BONTE
Dominique-Marie VERSCHAEVE

Exhibitions and communication responsible :
Christelle MANFREDI

Relationship responsible :
Marie Françoise DALLE

Library :

teaching team :
Christophe ATABEKIAN, video
Nicole BEDNAREK, semiology
Pierre Yves BOHM, community work (plastic experimentation)
Gérard BRICHE, philosophy
Michel CANTELOUP, painting
Martial CHMIELINA, Infography/video
Magali CLAUDE, multimedia
Amanda CRABTREE, english
Sven DEBOOSERE, community work (drawing)
Laurent DEBUT, typography
Jean-Claude DEMEURE, ceramic
Hervé DUPONT, ceramic / verre
Pascal DUTHOIT, photography
Gilles FROGER, art and literature
Eric HELLUIN, serigraphy
Samir LEKSOURI, community work (ceramic)
René MAES, legislation
François MARTINACHE, community work (plastic experimentation/modeling)
Benoît MENEBOO, Photography numerical
Vassilios MICHAIL, drawing
Daniel PATIN, practice of material
Pierre PETIT, style of cummunication drawing
Lionel P...  [ Read All ]

News and Events

Exhibitions, Lectures
and Editions

A policy of editions and lectures linked with the exhibitions
Artists regulary invited to present their work and meet the students.

Two exhibition halls
The Gallerie Commune
Opened in 1999, a 250 square meter exhibition hall is shared between E.R.S.E.P. and the University for différent kinds of exhibitions : well-known artists , beginners, historical exhibitions.  

Information For  International Students

Twinning between the schools of art of Northem France, the Kent Institute Art and Design of Canterbury, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Libera Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, Surikov institut of Moscow, Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Petersbourg. Receptions of students from : Ukraine, Korea, Thaïland, China, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Japan, Algéria, Tunisia, Morocco ...


Student Facilities

They have some common equipment such as a library, an exhibition center, an amphitheatre and a cafeteria.

The total area is 7000 square meters for the school and 1700 for the university.

workshops and classrooms and lots of spaces for personal or collective work.

Digital video, Typography, Color, Drawing, Multimedia, Computer graphics, Sculpture, Painting, Photography and digital photography, Modelling, Sound, ceramic, Glass, Silk­ screen printing,Engraving, Forge .....


How To Apply

Equivalence and Admission

Equivalence : 10 may 2007
Admission : 10 may, 27 june and 20 september 2007

For the admission of French or foreign students in 2 nd , 3 rd , 4th or 5 th, years, the local
committee gives an advise to the National Committee of the Ministry of Culture (only for the june session).
Foreign candidates must be able to speak French.