Ecole Superieure D'Art D'Aix-en-Provence

The École supérieure d’art, or Art School, of Aix-en-Provence is a public higher education establishment specialized in art, which is administered by the Town Council of Aix-en-Provence.

The School’s programme is accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Students at the School work towards two kinds of national art diplomas, corresponding to two different levels:
The DNAP (diplôme national d’arts plastiques), the National Diploma of Visual Arts, corresponding to 3 years of post-Baccalaureate study.
The DNSEP (diplôme national supérieure d’expression plastique), the Advanced National Diploma of Visual Arts, corresponding to 5 years of post-Baccalaureate study. The School runs a research, or third cycle, programme in audio art called Locus Sonus, in collaboration with the Art School of Nice (Villa Arson). Students participate in the work of a research laboratory and successful completion of the two-year programme leads to a postgraduate certificate in audio research.

The School is the inter-regional centre for the “validation des acquis de l’expérience”... [ Read All ]



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Department and information about the department

The organisation of those studies which lead to national diplomas in art, are regulated by decrees (6 March 1997 and 13 November 2006) which modify article 47 of the previous decree.

The First Year aims to help the student discover a wide range of areas in contemporary creation.
The coursework consists of core subjects

History of Contemporary Art





(French language classes are available for non- French nationals)

an introduction to basic technical and technological skills, and projects leading to the production of individual and group work.

In their work, the students must show evidence of their work and research abilities, the gradual mastery of chosen media and the development of critical analysis.

Attendance at the classes and the workshops is compulsory (35 hours a week).

The first year is concluded by an assessment, allowing the student to continue the course or to move elsewhere.

During the Programme Phase (second and third year), after exploring a wide variety of subjects, the student chooses specific art training, in keeping with the school’s proje...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

For foreign students only, a pre-selection (without the candidate) will take place Thursday 12th April 2007, at 9am

(last date for applications is Friday 30th March 2007).

Applications should include:

An application form

A covering letter

A curriculum vitae (a resume)

Photocopies of the applicant’s qualifications

Examples of the applicant’s artistic work (slides, photos, videos, CD-Roms, etc).

Foreign nationals from non-French-speaking countries must take a written test of the French language.

(Any student who is not sufficiently fluent may be allowed to study at the School, but only as a ‘free’ student i.e. they cannot obtain any formal qualifications).

Definitive admission is granted by a national committee (la commission nationale d’équivalence) of the Ministry of Culture, which meets in Paris in mid-September.

This committee can confirm, alter or reject the decisions of the local Pre-selection Committee (for example, by placing the student into a different year than that suggested by the local committee).

NB: Documents (such as diplomas and proof of schooling) issued by foreign...  [ Read All ]

Student Facilities

The workshop is a place to conceive and create, working with a variety of media. No workshop is entirely
separate from the others and all function on a basis of interaction and reciprocity. A detailed description of each workshop can be found in the course descriptions. Each workshop teaches students about the history and theory of the medium in question.
3D Workshop
Computer Graphics
Digital Publishing


Student Support

The French Ministry of Culture provides higher education grants to Art School students.

Once an application is accepted, grants are accorded on the basis of social criteria, taking into account the financial resources of the student’s parents or legal guardian.

Applications can be obtained from the secretaries’ office.

Contact Marie-Paule Jouve or Josette Léonetti-Renard before the 7th September 2007 at the latest. ( Please note that the office will be closed between 6th July and 2nd September 2007).

Candidates who wish to sit the entrance exam in September must also respect this deadline.



Applications for student accommodation in Halls of Residence can be made via the CROUS website:

Applications must be made between 15th January and 30th April 2007.
Student can receive a housing allowance.

Information can be obtained from the student information service:

La Maison de l’Etudiant

215 avenue Joseph Villevieille

13100 Aix-en-Provence, France. Tel. +33 4 42 38 79 52

or directly from the CAF, which administers the allowances, by telephone 08 21 01 99 13.


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