Escola Superior De Disseny De Les Illes Balears

The Escola Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears has a long history. The Palma-based school originated in the free drawing school founded by the Friends Society in 1779. One of the school's great supporters was Cardinal Antoni Despuig who bought and conserved the reproductions of the Roman statutes that he later gifted the school.

In 1849 the old school became the Academia de Nobles Artes de Palma, making it one of the oldest art academies in Spain. Amongst the professors and academics who passed through the academy are Faust Morell i Orlandis, Pere d’Alcàntara Penya, Ricard Anckerman i Riera, Llorenç Cerdà Bisbal and the architect Guillem Forteza.

In 1904 the school was renamed School of Arts and Industry and in 1910 changed its name once again to School of Arts and Trades with the aim of teaching the scientific and artistic knowledge that constitute the basis of the manual arts industry. In 1916 the school moved to its present location in Institut Balear, 5 in Palma.

In 1963 the need to regularise the school's study plan led to a change of name once again to School of Applied Ar... [ Read All ]

Palma de Mallorca


C/ Institut Balear, 5
Phone: 0034 971 290 000
Fax: 0034 971 760 177
Website: http://www.escoladisseny.

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Location and Getting there

C/ Institut Balear, 5
07012 Palma de Mallorca

Tel: 971 290 000
Fax: 971 760 177

Department and information about the department

The main departments within the school are:

Science and Technology
Drawing and Graphic Representation
Projects and Design Theory
History of Art and Design
Human Sciences and Legislation
Audiovisual Aids and Photography
Information Technology

And the specialist departments are:
Artistic Ceramics
Free Arts
Graphic Design
Product Design
Interior Design
Fashion Design
Artistic Jewellry  

Information For  Undergraduates

The school offers three Grado Superior diploma courses - Illustration, Photography and Jewellry. All courses last two academic cycles (usually two years) and include work experience and a final project.

Illustration Modules:
Basics of Graphic Design
Artistic Drawing
Image Theory
History of the Graphic Image
Foreign Language
Illustration Techniques
Traditional Graphic Techniques
Systems of Spatial Representation
Career Guidance
Computer-based Graphic Design
Project Work
Industrial Graphics Techniques
Image Animation

Photography Modules:
Image Theory
Photographic Expression
Photographic Theory
Photographic Technique
Foreign Language
Project Work
Audiovisual Aids
History of Photography
Career Guidance

Jewellry Modules:
Artistic Drawing and Colour
History of Precious Metals, Jewellry and Costume Jewellry
Computer Design
Foreign Language
Materials and Technology: Metals and Stones
Project Work
Technical Drawing
Jewellry Workshop
Career Guidance

The school offers four Advanced Studies courses in Interior Design, Design Production, Fashion Design and Graphic D...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

Depending on age and previous study experience some students will be required to take a pratical and theoretical entrance examination. For further details go to:  

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