Escuela Técnica De Joyería Del Atlántico

The Escuela Técnica de Joyería del Atlántico was born with the aim of maintaining one of the oldest artistic disciplines in history: the creation of jewellry. The work here includes teaching some of the most basic creative traditions as well as contemporary ones. Courses include gem studies, setting/mounting, enameling, jewel design and engraving with burin.

During studies the student is introduced slowly to the world of jewellry, firstly through simple exercises and later through more complex pieces which gives him/her a firm foundation for developing any project required of them.

In 2004-5 the school moved to a new location in the coastal city of Olivica. This step towards newer and bigger installations gave us the space to fully develop all the courses that the school offers.



C/Avenida del Puente, 9
Phone: 0034 986 266 058
Fax: 0034 986 267 276
Website: http://www.escuelatlantic

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Location and Getting there

C/Avenida del Puente, 9
Edificio "Amigo", Finca "Los Angeles"
36215 Vigo
(Pontevedra) SPAIN

Tel: (+34) 986 266 058
Fax: (+34) 986 267 276

The school is located 10 minutes distance from Peinador de Vigo airport and 15 minutes from the nearest train and coach stations. Several bus lines also stop outside the school entrance.  

Department and information about the department

The school's new centre is located in the old Colegio Concepción Arenal installations, a main building of some 500 square metres with a 200-sqaure metre annex. The main, four-floor building is where theoretical classes are given and also houses the library, workshop, offices, reception area, exhibition room, audiovisual room and information laboratory. The annex is a smaller building with two floors where summer courses are imparted. The school grounds are within an independent and closed campus with facilities open to students during rest periods.

All courses are imparted to small groups in order to assure personalised attention.  

News and Events

The school organises exchanges with other institutions throughout the academic year as well as exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

Students of the school have been able to present their work in several internationally-renowned jewellry fairs such as Inhorgenta and Portojoia.

Our students have also collaborated with personalities from the beauty world and had their work used in several events. Atlántico's designs have been worn by Dolores Couceiro - Miss Globe 2002, André Carvalho - Mr Portugal Internacional 2001, Andrea Seoane - Miss España Ambar Mundial 2001 and Cristina Bodelón - Miss Mundo Universitaria España 2003.


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Information For  Undergraduates

Our syllabus includes courses in the school's installations or distance learning, intensive or normal studies, basic formation or specialisation and 12 hour courses to 3-year ones.

Specialities are:
Jewellry Design
Gem Studies
Haute Jewellry
Wax Models
Artistic Engraving
Necklace Filing
Specialist in Diamonds

In 2004-5 the school also opened the Centre of Visual Arts and Design "Atlántico" where vocational courses in Setting and Artistic Jewellry Procedures are given.

As part of an agreement between the school and the University of Barcelona's School of Gem Studies, our students have rights and responsibilities equal to if they were students at the university. On completion of the Gem Studies course and all corresponding exams they are presented with a diploma as Gem Specialist from the university.

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