Escuela De Arte Francisco Alcantara

The Escuela de Arte Francisco Alcantara was founded in 1911 by Francisco Alcantara Jurado, an innovator in pedagogy linked to the most progressive movements of the day. He was also a prestigious art critic, teacher and painter who dedicated a great part of his life to reviving the ceramic tradition, an interest that culminated in the founding of this school.

The first location for the school was in Fernando el Catolico, 12 in the old San Bernadino asylum. In 1914 it was moved to 'Tinaja', home of the old ceramics factory and school of the brothers Zuloaga.

In 1920 Francisco Alcantara consolidated his project for a ceramics school by signing an agreement with the Council of Madrid and Secretary of Education and the Fine Arts. In 1984 this collaboration came to an end and the Escuela de Arte Francisco Alcantara separated its official study programme from that offered by the Escuela Municipal de Ceramica, continuing to adapt itself to the modern educational system nevertheless.

The school is situated in the beautiful Oeste park on the new Pasillo Verde gardens. It is located beside the old L... [ Read All ]



C/ Francisco y Jacinto Alcantara, 2
Phone: 915 423 241
Fax: 915 473 942

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Location and Getting there

C/ Francisco y Jacinto Alcantara, 2
28008 Madrid

Tel: 915 423 241/426 322
Fax: 915 473 942


News and Events

Every year the school organises various activities to compliment the teaching such as visits to exhibitions, cultural trips to other cities where important events or exhibtions are held and also exhibitions in our own school.

The school has an exhibition room to showcase the work of artists and teachers who collaborate with us as well as the work of students.

Every year the centre invites professional and renowned ceramicists as well as businesses from the ceramics sector to give talks in the school.

The main aim of these talks is to encurage an exchange of ideas and experiences and to give students a broader vision of the world of ceramics.  

Information For  Undergraduates

Courses are divided into Grado Medio and Grado Superior.

Grado Medio:
Ceramic Decoration - this course gives the student the technical, cultural and artistic preparation necessary to exercise the profession of ceramics decoration. The course lasts 1600 hours, 1500 of which are given in the school, 25 spent on work experience and 75 on the final project.

Pottery - Although it has largely lost its utilitarian function, creative pottery allows a space in which to create new forms to accompany new styles. Students learn how to form, bake and decorate pieces using both manual and mechanical styles. The course lasts 1600 hours, 1500 of which are given in the school, 25 spent on work experience and 75 on the final project.

Grado Superior:
Modelling and Casting - Ceramics design has attracted some of the best designers in the world. This field has seen some of the most innovative aesthetic movements resulting in an increasing number of ceramic objects available. The aim of this course is to create professionals capable of collaborating with design departments developing the models and casts necessary for the creation of the produ...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

Applications made 18 April - 30 May. All courses are free but in some cases an entrance exam or proof of previous studies will have to be given. For more information please write:  

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