Escuela De Arte Gaspar Becerra De Baeza

The Escuela de Arte Gaspar Becerra de Baeza is an educational centre specialising in artistic preparation and dependent on the Secretary of Education and Science of the government of Andalucia.

The school is located in a region rich in artistic tradition. It has an ample curriculum incorporating 11 specialities within the professional visual arts and design field.

In order to develop these studies we have a team of highly qualified teaching staff, sufficient technical resources and a fully functional building complete with ample spaces and fully adjusted to meet our specific needs.



C/ Julio Burell, 24
Phone: 0034 953 740 066
Website: http://www.escueladearted

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Our Aims

Although we have 88 years of experience in teaching, our school is essentially a young and dynamic centre in which we try to develop an educational system based on fulfilling the artistic potential of our students, instilling modern artistic values such as respect and maintaining tradition and encouraging interest and knowledge in our historical-artistic heritage.

All this along with a maximum ratio of 15 students per workshop allows us to deliver a personalised education.

The school has also developed its educational policy in line with recommendations as defined in the LOGSE (General Organic Law of the Educational System. Decree 1/1990 of 3 Oct). The section of the decree that gives educational establishments the liberty to extend their curriculum according to their specific needs has been taken fully on board by the school. With this in mind the school launched in 1988, Project Comenius I, linked to the European Educational programme Socrates. We aim to use this project to contrast the school's educational standards with those of other European schools with the ultimate aim of offering students a quality education and a con...  [ Read All ]

Location and Getting there

C/ Julio Burell, 24
23440 Baeza
(Jaen) SPAIN

Tel: (+34) 953 740 066

The school is located in the centre of Jaen province in the central Spanish region of Andalucia.  

Department and information about the department

Among the characteristics of the school are its highly qualified teaching staff, small workshop groups (maximum 15 students) for personalised attention, information laboratories for design students, black-and-white and colour photographic laboratories, fully equipped sports facilities, an exhibition room, presentation room with audiovisual equipment and library.  

Information For  Undergraduates

BACHILLERATO DE ARTE (equivalent to the US High School Certificate or UK A'Level in Art):
This two-year course is preparatory to university-level studies in fine arts subjects. It is made up of a series of general and subject-specific modules as well as module options. Subjects are -
- Philosophy
- Language and Literature
- Physical Education
- Foreign Language
- Religion/ Ethics
- Information Technology
- Spanish History
- Artistic Drawing
- Technical Drawing
- Volume
- History of Art
- Expression Techniques
- Visual Graphics
- Design Basics
- Image
- Computer Design

ARTISTIC METALWORK (Middle Level Vocational Course):
These technical courses prepare the student for entry into the workplace and subsequent further professional development in the field. Course modules include a final project bringing the total number of hours to 1600 -
- History of Art and Culture
- Artistic Drawing
- Technical Drawing
- Volume
- Metalwork Workshop
- Analysis of Objects and Expression through Form
- Career Guidance

CABINET-MAKING (Middle Level Vocational Course):
Course structure and modules are the same as above with...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

The school is part of the ESPORTITART association of art schools, in which institutions in Portugal and Italy also participate. The objective of the programme is to encourage an exchange of ideas between participating institutions and to engender a sense of collaboration between staff and direction.  

How To Apply  

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