Escuela De Arte No.4

The Escuela de Arte 4 is a Madrid-based publicly funded arts school.

The school places an emphasis on preparing students for entry into the workplace and therefore all courses include a period of work experience. This focus coupled with agreements with more than 80 local businesses and a job bulletin in the school has resulted in impressively high ratios of integration into the workplace among our students.



C/ Camino de Vinateros, 106
Phone: 0034 914 390 124
Fax: 0034 914 379 639

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Location and Getting there

C/ Camino de Vinateros, 106
28030 Madrid

Tel: (+34) 914 390 124/ 000
Fax: (+34) 914 379 639

Metro: L9 (Vinateros)
Bus routes: L8, L20, L30, L32, L71  

Information For  Undergraduates

The school's curriculum includes the following courses:

Interior Design (Advanced-Level Studies)

Ephemeral Architecture (Upper Level vocational course)
Furnishing (Upper Level vocational course)
Window Dressing (Upper Level vocational course)

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Information For  International Students

The school fully participates in international programmes such as Comenius, through which it has exchange programmes with five different European schools of Art and Design.  

How To Apply

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