Escuela De Arte De Huesca

The Escuela de Arte de Huesca is a school that specialises in the fields of photography, graphic publicity and the Bachillerato Artistico.

We invite students with artistic and creative abilities to form a part of our school, an institution characterised by its broad mix of people and ideas, its easy-going atmosphere and sense of respect for the space that we share on a daily basis.

The school has always sought to create links with the important cultural events, both private and public, that are celebrated in the city and region.



C/ Santo Cristo de los Milagros, 21
Phone: 0034 974 240 644
Fax: 0034 974 246 541
Website: http://www.escueladearted

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Location and Getting there

C/ Santo Cristo de los Milagros, 21
22004 Huesca

Tel: (+34) 974 240 644
Fax: (+34) 974 246 541

The school is located in the north-west of the city of Huesca in Aragon.  

Department and information about the department

The school has several well-equipped installations to support the teaching of all speciality subjects.

Particular emphasis is placed on updating the study environment in order to adapt it to the demands of the continually changing labour market.

As well as two exhibition rooms, one for the school's students and the other space dedicated to temporary exhibitions which are programmed throughout the year, the school also has a large presentation room where all end of year course projects are presented.  

Information For  Undergraduates

All courses, except the Bachillerato Artistico, include a final project at the end of the corresponding course and a period of work experience.

BACHILLERATO ARTISTICO (equivalent to the US High School Certificate or UK A'Level in Art):
The Escuela de Arte de Huesca is the only school in the region that offers this two-year subject. The aim of the course is to prepare the student in the basics of the most common artistic disciplines paving the way for further studies in the arts or design.
Mandatory course modules are Language and Literature, Philosophy, History, Foreign Language (English or French), Physical Education and Religious Studies or Alternative Studies.
Compulsory arts-related modules are Artistic Drawing, Technical Drawing, Volume, Visual Arts, Visual or Graphic Expression Techniques.
Module options include Information Technology, Photography, Artistic Textiles, Applied Arts (Books), Applied Arts (Sculpture), Applied Arts and Design, Artistic Drawing, History of Art, Basics in Design or Image, Technical Drawing and Audiovisual Communication.

DESKTOP PUBLISHING (Middle Level Vocational Training):
This course mee...  [ Read All ]

Student Facilities

The school is equipped with all the latest digital photographic equipment. Of special note are our four photographic plaques equipped with professional materials, digital rooms with Macintosh computers, colour laboratories, black and white laboratories and an audiovisual montage room.  

How To Apply

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