Escuela De Arte De Segovia

The city of Segovia is full of spectacular buildings, churches, walls and palaces. The work of magnificent artists and artesans from all the traditional artistic trades can be found in examples of exterior and particularly interior decor.

Institutionalised art teaching in Segovia dates back to the 18th century with the founding of a drawing school by Espinosa de los Monteros. The aim of the school was to share and promote artistic knowledge between tradesmen and other workers in the sector. This tradition has been maintained to this day, a time when new economic structures require a reflection on their principles and function and a subsequent adaptation of our studies to these new demands.

The school is situated in the Casa de los Picos, a 15th century building designed in typical Segovian style by Juan de la Hoz. The diamond-fronted building retains its original medieval style.

Over its long history the house passed through many public and private hands until in the 1970s it came under the control of the Secretary of Education and Science who restored and adapted it for use as an arts sc... [ Read All ]



C/ Juan Bravo 33
Phone: 0034 921 462 674
Fax: 0034 921 462 677

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Our Aims

The aim of the school is to develop a series of study programmes in tune with their socioproductive environment. These experiences have led us to create an educational programme in line with the government's new recommendations on educational reform (LOGSE).  

Location and Getting there

C/ Juan Bravo 33
40001 Segovia

Tel: 921 462 674
Fax: 921 462 677

Information For  Undergraduates

The school offers five courses in the arts and crafts field, one Grado Superior (post-secondary school occupational training), three Grado Medio (intermediate level occupational training) and one Bachillerato (baccalaureate).

Grado Superior in Illustration: 2 years
First Year Studies - Basic Graphic Design, Artistic Drawing, Image Theory, History of the Graphic Image, Illustration Techniques, Traditional Graphic Techniques, Systems of Spatial Representation, Foreign Language, Computer-based Graphic Design, Formation and Career Orientation.
Second Year Studies - Artistic Drawing, History of the Graphic Image, Industrial Graphics Techniques, Systems of Spatial Representation, Photography, Foreign Language, Image Animation (theory and practise), Computer-based Graphic Design, Illustration Projects, Formation and Career Orientation.

Grado Medio in Tapestries and Carpets: 2 years
First Year Studies - Drawing, Colour, History of Textiles, Fabric and Technology, Foreign Language, Basic Information Technology, Tapestries and Carpets Workshop.
Second Year Studies - Drawing, History of Textiles, Fabrics and Technology, Foreign Langu...  [ Read All ]