Escuela De Arte Y Superior De Diseno De Ondara, Tarrega

The Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseno de Ondara, Tarrega was founded in 1777 by the Friends of Tarrega Economic Society. A century and a half later (1933) it received the official denomination of Arts Schools from the government. The school has been open since the end of the Spanish Civil War to this day.

The present day building, on the Plaza del Centenari, opened in 1989. At present the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseno Ondara is a public centre dependent on the Department of Education of the government of Cataluna.



Placa del Centenari s/n
Phone: 973 310 486
Fax: 973 501 183
Website: http://www.eaondaratarreg

College Photos (3)

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Our Aims

Our aim is to provide an arts education diverse in disciplines and levels and given by teachers specialised in the corresponding areas of art and design.  

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Location and Getting there

Placa del Centenari, s/n
25300 Tarrega

Tel: 973 310 486
Fax: 973 501 183

Department and information about the department

Our centre has an ample infrastructure including services and equipment such as an audiovisual conference room, a library specialising in Art and Design, an exhibition room and several workshops (ceramics, sculpture, photography, painting, murals, stonework and textiles).

There are also many information and communication rooms with braodband Internet connection and other modern technological resources.  

Information For  Undergraduates

Our courses include:

Advanced Studies in Design -

Art and Design courses -

BA in Arts -

MEBA (Monographics course) -  

Student Support

The Students' Association (ASSO) offers help, advice and suggestions to students.  

How To Apply  

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