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The School (HFF) is a state-financed department of Art within the Fine Arts faculty of Göteborg University - the largest Fine Arts faculty in Scandinavia. It is a spearhead for photography. The general policy for the work of the School favours free, individual creativity.

The aim of the School is to raise the quality and increase the breadth and diversity of photography in Sweden.

This means that the development of photographic means of expression is to be given priority. Wide variation is encouraged so that the work is able to comprise advanced artistic experiment as well as everyday projects in contact with the prevailing reality of the media. Teaching is conducted in an investigative and critical spirit, against the background of photographic traditions, with an openness to all the new possibilities offerred by technological development and new theories. The School sees it as its task to acknowledge and deepen the artistic aspirations of its students. The students are to acquire knowledge and skills that will make them an asset to cultural lige and the labor m... [ Read All ]



Storgatan 43.
411 38
Phone: 031/786 18 31
Fax: 031/786 18 37.
Website: http://www.hff.gu.se/

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Information For  Undergraduates

The course is three years in duration, leading to a Degree of Bachelor in Photography. The training combines practice with theory, and involves the cooperation of guest lectures and tutors, Swedish and overseas photographers, critics and artists. Representation
photography is the main theme of the whole period of education.

During the first year students are given a theoretical and technical basis in photography. During the second and third years the training is more free in character. The second year includes an extensive group project, as well as an external project in which students have the chance to test their knowledge and skills outside the School.
The third year is largely devoted to major individual projects.

Fifteen students each year are accepted for the degree course in photography.

Artistic Director for the Course: Lasse Lindkvist, Associate Professor.

Information For  Postgraduates

The course allows students to develop their own language of expression in photography, to acquire advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the areas of contemporary photography and related media, as well as building up active responses to the aesthetic and philosophical theories of the 20th century.

The first year is devoted to studies in 20th century aesthetic theory, philosophy and art criticism. At the same time students work om minor projects of their own and take part in teaching conducted by guest lectures. During the second year students work on their own major projects and complete a thesis-type essay. In both the years of the course there is training in teaching methods, in the form of both tutorial and lecturing techniques.

Each year seven students are accepted for the Master's course.

Artistic Director for the Course: Annica Karlsson Rixon.  

Information For  International Students


The School of Photography is open for International Exchanges. But we only accept applications from students that wish to start in the Autumn (at the end of August); it is not possible to start an Exchange during the Spring Semester.
For further enquiries, please contact Sonja Gybrant, Sonja.Gybrant@hff.gu.se, telephone int + 46 31 786 1831.