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Founded in 1935, Hofstra University can help you get where you want to go, with small classes, dedicated faculty and a beautiful, energized campus, plus all the opportunities of New York City within easy reach.

Find your future by choosing from more than 130 undergraduate and 140 graduate programs, in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Communication, Education and Allied Human Services and Honors studies, as well as a School of Law. The student-faculty ratio of 14 to 1 and a priority on teaching excellence ensures you're part of creating your own success.

At Hofstra, you'll have all the resources you need - excellent library resources with extensive online and print collections, state-of-the-art classrooms, learning and laboratory facilities, and extensive wired and wireless Internet access, including the only Internet2 connection among private colleges on Long Island.

A diverse mix of cultural, social, athletic and recreational activities delivers the full college experience. Hofstra offers students the opportunity to live and learn on our beautiful, 240-acre campus on Long Island and ... [ Read All ]


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New York
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Location and Getting there

For directions to the Hofstra campus visit www.hofstra.edu/directions  

Department and information about the department

The Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Department of Fine Arts, Art History and Humanities is dedicated to the idea that the liberal arts are the foundation for the undergraduate education of all students, including artists. We believe that the art student should experience a unified study of both art history and studio art. We also believe in the value of the visual arts in the curriculum of all students, no matter their particular major or ultimate career goals.  

Academic Staff and Description

At Hofstra University, our professors are both noted scholars and excellent teachers. Here, you will find an outstanding faculty - including National Endowment for the Humanities fellows, Guggenheim fellows, an Emmy winner, major grant recipients and noted textbook authors.

What distinguishes Hofstra from so many other colleges is that virtually all of our faculty teach undergraduates and many of our most eminent faculty teach freshmen. Classes here are small, averaging 23 students, which helps to create an environment most conducive to learning and facilitates interaction with faculty and fellow students.

Faculty are our teachers, and teaching is their passion. There's a true meeting of the minds here, as enthusiastic students eager to learn are matched with faculty members who motivate a class and make their subjects come alive. More than 90 percent of our full-time faculty have attained the highest degree in their fields. Generations of Hofstra alumni - 104,000 and counting - have been inspired by our professors, who are scholars, writers, scientists, artists and professionals.


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Information For  Undergraduates

Undergraduate Programs and Courses:

Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Fine Arts or Art History

Bachelor of Science with a
specialization in Fine Arts

A Minor in Fine Arts consists of the successful completion of 18 s.h. in the department, at least 6 hours in residence. Any combination of fine arts courses is acceptable.

Reports based on museum visits are required of students in some fine arts courses.

For more information visit www.hofstra.edu/admissions. Or phone (516) 463-6700; toll-free: 1-800-HOFSTRA

Information For  Postgraduates

Hofstra's M.A. in Comparative Arts & Culture is a cooperative program between art history, fine arts and comparative literature, and also utilizes the faculty expertise and course offerings of the Department of Music, History, English and American Literature, as well as other disciplines of interest to the student. It offers a unique opportunity to students interested in interdisciplinary studies. It is particularly rich in courses that examine the arts, architecture and literature, in their interrelationship to each other and in terms of the philosophical and historical movements and theories that shaped them. The special attention devoted to the arts and their evolution in modern and postmodern culture, as well as the re-examination of classical culture in terms of contemporary methods of criticism and reinterpretation, provides students of this program with a broad range of research opportunities, while simultaneously encouraging specialization. Students interested in specializing in art history, literature, music theory and history, or history, philosophy or anthropology in terms of the broader humanities context would be good c...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

Hofstra University has a long tradition of welcoming international students to our campus. International students attending Hofstra enjoy all the benefits of the American system of higher education at a selective, private, campus community that values diversity and promotes cross-cultural understanding. Our student body is multinational and participates in a wide range of academic, social and cultural pursuits. We currently enroll international students from more than 65 different countries. Hofstra's commitment to international students is evidenced by the availability of international student organizations, study abroad programs, international events, lectures and special services.

Hofstra offers special services and resources through our Office of International Students. As a Hofstra University student, you will be a member of a diverse community of students and scholars. We invite you to learn more about the possibilities and opportunities that await you at Hofstra University. In addition to all these attractive features, we believe that ultimately it is the people who make Hofstra a special place to live and study. We hope t...  [ Read All ]


For more information on Hofstra alumni visit www.hofstra.edu/alumni  

Student Facilities


Student Support

The Center for New Student Support Services assists new students in acclimating to the campus and adjusting to the college experience. The Center for New Student Support Services offers one-on-one assistance to all first-year students. Our staff serves as a liaison between the new student and the campus community. We assist with campus referrals to help new students navigate the array of campus services.  

Student Life

Life@Hofstra extends far beyond the classroom. Clubs, sports, activities and events provide plenty of options. Sixteen eateries, several residence options and plenty of student services enhance your campus life. Excitement and entertainment, relaxation and assistance...it's all available to Hofstra students.

Student Testimonials

Crystal Cohen
Broadcast Journalism Major
Class of 2006
"I chose Hofstra because it was in a suburban area, but close to urban Manhattan, which for my major is the land of opportunity. I also chose Hofstra because of all the cultural diversity... http://www.hofstra.edu/Admission/adm_s2s_cohen.html

Sekiya Dorsett
Film Production Major
Class of 2005
Sekiya, who's leaning toward a career in radio - "with film on the side" - said she chose Hofstra because "it allowed me to do a multi-approach to communications. I wanted radio, TV, film. I wanted to try everything, although I found I didn't like TV." ...http://www.hofstra.edu/Admission/adm_s2s_dorsett.html

Chris Schoelen
Music Major
(Jazz and Commercial)
Class of 2008
What about Hofstra struck the right chords for Chris? "I really liked the campus and the whole atmosphere of the school. I like the idea of having small classes and I really liked the Music Department - the amount of courses and career degrees to go for." ...http://www.hofstra.edu/Admission/adm_s2s_schoelen.html



Hofstra’s Residential Life program offers a variety of living environments geared toward meeting the diverse needs of students. Six of the residence halls are high-rise buildings. Liberty and Republic are low-rises that offer traditional, corridor-style living environments that house an academic program for Honors College students. One of the high-rise residence halls, Bill of Rights, is an all-female hall. There are also four suite-style residence halls. The New Complex, the newest hall on campus, is a four-story building with two common area lounges and laundry facilities on each floor. Nassau and Suffolk are six-story buildings, each containing a common area lounge on the main floor. Colonial Square is also a suite-style complex consisting of 14 individual houses. Each house has approximately 16 suites; students have the option of choosing suites with or without lounges. The Netherlands is similar to Colonial Square, with 11 houses reserved exclusively for first-year students. Twin Oaks is a residential complex providing apartment-style housing for students and is located approximately half a mile from the main campus. Undergra...  [ Read All ]

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or visit www.hofstra.edu/admissions.  

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