Hungarian Academy Of Fine Arts

The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1871. The central building, erected in 1876, is located on the most elegant avenue of Pest which connects the Danube with the City Park. The building was restored to its original beauty in 1997/8. The restoration includes the facade with sgrafitto portraits of Bramante, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and also the Rector's corridor and numerous internal decorations.

The Academy's other main site is Epreskert (Mulberry Garden), which inherited its name from the mulberry trees that covered the area. Only a few minutes from the main building, Epreskert consists of five buildings each containing studios. It was founded as a master painter school in 1882 and has been an integral part of the Academy since 1921. The othes sites of the Academy are the Feszty House and the Intermedia Department can be found close to the Epreskert.
The five year course in either of the following fields leads to the award of the MA (Master of Arts) university degree: painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, intermedia (combined media), stage and costume design, and restoration. [ Read All ]



Andrássy út 69-71
Phone: +36 1 478 09 80
Fax: +36 1 478 09 81

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Location and Getting there

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 69-71, Hungary
Telephone +36 1 342 8556, 342 1738
Fax +36 1 342 1563
1063 Budapest, Kmety Gy u. 26-28, Hungary
Telephone +36 1 353 0366, 353 0293, 353 0344

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Information For  Undergraduates

The basic university training comprises 5 academic years (10 terms) at our Academy of Fine Arts. Students may obtain a Master of Arts (MA) university degree:
Artist's diploma - in the following branches:
Painting, sculpture, graphic art, graphic design, stage and costume design, restoration (picture, sculpture and artifact restoration), media art.
Visual education - an additional teacher's diploma:
Students may start to specialize in teaching artistic drawing, art history and projective geometry in secondary schools at the beginning of the 4th term.  

Information For  International Students

Information and useful tips for incoming exchange students

Zsófia Rudnay
International Coordinator (in charge of Erasmus)
International Office / Külügyi iroda
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts / Magyar Képzõmûvészeti Egyetem
1062 Budapest
Andrássy út 69-71. (main building)
phone: (+ 36 1) 478 0980
fax: (+36 1) 478 0981  

How To Apply

The documents necessary for application are the following:

- a letter with your personal data, the branch of study and status (i.e. regular or guest student) you apply for
- school-leaving certificate
- documentation of works (i.e. catalogues, photos, videos, drawings, paintings, etc.).

Tuition and Registration Fees:
For guest students the tuition fee is 510 euro per month. Regular students pay for 10 months per school year, guest students pay in accordance with the time spent at the Academy.
The fee covers the tuition fee, it does not cover accomodation and meals.

The telephone number of the Registrar's Office is: 36/1/351-7956