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For fourty years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of Education and Research in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication. Today it is an international network constantly on the growth, that organises three year post high school diploma courses, refresher courses, permanent catalogue courses, advanced courses and post-graduate Masters degree courses.
The most significant milestones of the Group's history include the foundation of IED seats in Milano (1966), Roma (1973), Torino (1989), Madrid (1994), Barcelona (2002), São Paulo in Brazil (2005) and Venezia (2007). In 2008 we are planning to open new brasilian campus in Rio de Janeiro.



via Alcamo, 11
I - 00182
Phone: +39 06 7024025
Fax: +39 06 7024041

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Our Aims

Ever since 1966 IED has developed innovative and diversified teaching methodology, concentrated on the synergy between technology and experimentation, creativity, strategies and integrated communication, market issues and a new form of professionalism.
The scope of the Istituto Europeo di Design is in fact, to offer young professionals working in the fields of Fashion, Design and Communication, the most efficacious tools necessary to answer the constantly evolving demands of the production world: a project and communication culture that will accompany them throughout their careers.
The bond between knowing and knowing how to do is the unavoidable premise in the development of cultural, creative and critical skills and competencies which represent the key goal of IED education.

Location and Getting there

IED Arti Visive
IED Comunicazione
IED Design

via Alcamo, 11
I-00182 Roma
tel: +39 06 7024025
fax: +39 06 70613593

From the Central Station (Stazione Termini)
Metro “Line A” direction Anagnina up to San Giovanni station. On Via La Spezia bus nr.16
or nr.81 up to Piazza Lodi (approximately 5 stops).
Also reachable directly by bus nr.16 from Termini station. The bus terminal is outside the

From Fiumicino Airport
Local train towards ORTE/FARA SABINA up to “Tuscolana” station, then outside the
station bus nr.16/nr.412 direction Piazza Lodi (3 stops).
The school is 10 minutes walk from “Tuscolana” station.
Terravision Shuttle from Fiumicino Airport national and international arrivals to the Central
Termini Station. From Termini station bus nr. 16 to Piazza Lodi.
You can also reach the city from Fiumicino Airport by taxi (max 40 €).

From Ciampino Airport
Bus towards Metro station Anagnina+Metro “Line A” towards M.Battistini up to “San
Giovanni” stop+bus nr.16 or nr.81 (on Via La Spezia) towards Piazza Lodi (approximately
5 stops).

IED Moda Lab
IED Ma...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The Schools of the “IED System”
As evidence of its vocation towards innovation and development the Istituto Europeo di Design has created a total reality in its structure and through its offers.

IED Moda Lab, IED Design, IED Arti Visive and IED Communication are all truly real Schools of the “IED System”, that answer the needs of the working world, through education pathways targeted to the specific needs of the reference industries and that are flanked by a common design project culture.

IED Moda Lab
An education and research project keyed to cover transversally every segment of the Italian Fashion Textile Industry that guarantees complete training across 3 specific didactic/professional Areas: Creativity & Design, Image & Communication, Marketing & Product.

IED Design
IED Design interprets the excellency of Italian Design through a training process that implements creativity, entrepreneurial skills, technological innovations and knowledge of the market specific to the Made in Italy culture and thus trains the designers of the future.

IED Arti Visive
Trains communication professionals in the field of image...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

Partnerships with foremost enterprises is a fundamental issue in the Istituto Europeo di Design’s education strategy, which characterises the entire education pathway of both courses and special end of the academic year events.
Thanks to the active and constant relations the IED has with the economic-business world, every year around 200 companies collaborate in various ways towards the training of the Institute’s students.
The entire Faculty is composed of active professionals capable of supplying applied skills and constant innovations. Every single course is run in direct contact and support with companies operating in the fields of interests.

In line with its international vocation, the Istituto Europeo di Design welcomes students from different countries and cultures in all of its Seats.
Every year, around 1750 foreign students enrol in its courses, mainly coming from East Asia, Central and South America and Europe.
Throughout its history the IED has trained students from 92 different countries.

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Information For  Undergraduates

IED offers undergraduate programs in Four different departments: Communications, Design, Fashion, Visual Arts. The undergraduate program is a three-year, full-time Diploma.

IED Arti Visive:
1. Graphic Design
2. Digital and Virtual Design
3. Illustration and Multimedia Animation
4. Photography
5. Sound Design
6. Video Design

IED Communicazione:
7. Advertising
8. Marketing and Business Communications
9. Event Design and Management

IED Design:
10. Industrial Design
11. Interior Design
12. Set Design
13. Furniture Design (hold in English)
14. Garden and Landscape Design (hold in English)

IED Moda Lab:
15. Fashion Design
16. Jewellery Design
17. Fashion Accessories and Shoe Design

Information For  Postgraduates

IED offers postgraduate programs (Master RSP or Advanced Study Program) in all four different departments:

» IED Design
1. Food Design (Master Research Study Program)
2. Food Design (Master)
3. Interior Design (Master)
4. Interior Yacht Design (Advanced Study Program)
5. Scenografia cinematografica e televisiva (Advanced Study Program)

» IED Comunicazione
6. Comunicazione d'impresa e relazioni pubbliche (Advanced Study Program)
7. Comunicazione e marketing (Master)
8. Comunicazione e marketing per la moda (Advanced Study Program)
9. Comunicazione e progettazione web (Advanced Study Program)
10. Curatore Museale e di Eventi (Master)
11. Marketing strategico e product management (Advanced Study Program)
12. Progettazione e gestione eventi (Advanced Study Program)
13. Scrittura Cinematografica e Televisiva (Advanced Study Program)
14. Scrittura pubblicitaria (Advanced Study Program)
15. Tecniche di Scrittura (Advanced Study Program)

» IED Arti Visive
16. Graphic Design – Direzione e progettazione creativa (Advanced Study Program)
17. VideoGame Design (Master)
18. Web Design and Strategy (Advanc...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

All foreign students coming from non-EU countries must obtain the visa from the Italian
Consulate or from one of the diplomatic representatives in their countries.
Documents necessary to obtain the visa:
• Passport
• Explanation of aim and reasons of the voyage (declaration issued by Istituto
Europeo di Design where the school guarantees that the student is duly enrolled;
study plan that the student will attend at Istituto Europeo di Design
• The conditions of accommodation in Italy (residence or hotel reservation, lease for
an apartment, etc.)
• Consulate statement about health care in Italy
Students must also prove to have enough means of subsistence for the period o stay in
Italy and for their return ticket to their country.

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Student Facilities

9 computer laboratories of 25 places each (Mac or Microsoft);
2 photo laboratories;
1 dark room (12 places);
1 design laboratory;
3 fashion design laboratories;
1 sound design laboratory (18 places).

Student Support

Servizio Informazioni e Orientamento
Via Alcamo, 11
00182 Rome - Italy
ph. +39 06 7024025
fax +39 06 7024041


Finding an accommodation in Rome can be quite difficult, particularly for foreign people who don’t speak Italian and don’t know the city. Please note that after the coming into force of Euro the rents have been remarkably increased: the cost for a single room could
be around € 450,00 monthly and for a double room around € 300,00 (p/person). Often
these costs do not include extra charges (such as electricity, telephone, gas, running expenses, etc.) that have to be added to the rent.
This is the reason why Istituto Europeo di Design puts a list of rooms and apartments to share or rent, at students’ disposal. This list is updated daily. You can find it at the Student
Information Office or ask for it by e-mail. Please note that our Institute does not check the announcements.

How To Apply

In Europe: International students admission opens October 30th of each year and closes October 15th of the year after.
In South America: start in February and closes in the following January.

Visit us (open days)

Open days are planned in September. From June to September there's Apriti IED: an open show of students final works. Please contact us for further information.