The Royal Academy of Fine Art is over 200 years old and our campus 'Bijloke' used to be a hospital. We have more than 2000 students studying art related programs. We are happy.



Website: www.kask.be

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Our Aims

We want our students to find a decent job when they graduate. We have a digital platform where events, job offers and constests are posted daily.  

Location and Getting there

Ghent is a small but historical city not far from the ocean. We have two locations, both near the center of ghent. You can walk from one campus to the other. Take the tram or rent a cheap bike.  

Department and information about the department

At the KASK, you can study audiovisual arts like film and new media, but also more classical studies like painting, drawing and sculputing. We also have drama, performance, fine and conceptual art, interior and graphic design studies. Thanks to the new BAMA programme, students can build interdisciplenary credits. You can study animation and earn credits in performance for example.  

Academic Staff and Description

A lot our teachers have a doctorate in a related field of their practice.  

News and Events

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