Lamar State College - Port Arthur

Lamar State College - Port Arthur is an open-access, comprehensive public two-year college offering quality instruction leading to associate degrees and a variety of certificates. The college, a member of The Texas State University System, has provided affordable, quality educational opportunities to residents of the Southeast Texas area since 1909.

Lamar State College - Port Arthur embraces the premise that education is an ongoing process that enhances career potential, broadens intellectual horizons, and enriches life. The faculty, staff, and administration share a commitment to a mission characterized by student learning, diversity, and community service. The foundations for student success include compensatory education programs designed to fulfill our commitment to accommodate students with diverse goals and backgrounds, technical education programs that provide for the acquisition of the skills and demeanor necessary for initial and continued employment, and a core curriculum that develops the values and concepts that allow the student to make a meaningful contribution in the workplace or community. Student achi... [ Read All ]

Port Arthur

United States

1500 Procter Street
TX 77640
Phone: 1-409-983-4921

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Our Aims

Lamar State College - Port Arthur operates in the belief that all individuals should be:
Treated with dignity and respect;
Afforded equal opportunity to acquire a complete educational experience;
Given an opportunity to discover and develop their special aptitudes and insights;
Provided an opportunity to equip themselves for a fulfilling life and responsible citizenship in a world characterized by change.  

Location and Getting there

Lamar State College-Port Arthur, a two-year, state-supported institution, is a member of The Texas State University System. Located in Port Arthur, an industrial and cultural center of Southeast Texas, the college offers freshman- and sophomore-level work in numerous academic and technical/vocational fields. The campus sits between the 1,000 and 1,800 blocks of Procter Street and Lakeshore Drive. The city has modern public schools, churches, shopping districts and recreation areas serving a community of approximately 70,000 persons. Principal area industries are oil refining, chemical production, shipping and shipbuilding. The metropolitan area, known as the Golden Triangle, includes the cities of Beaumont, Orange, Vidor, Port Neches, Nederland, Groves and Bridge City. All lie within 25 miles of Port Arthur and form the heart of the upper Texas Gulf Coast where approximately 350,000 live.  

Academic Staff and Description  

Information For  Undergraduates

The Liberal Arts Department accepts as a fundamental premise that the productivity and happiness of the educated person will be enhanced by an acquaintance with the traditional liberal arts, that a knowledge of the literature, history, philosophy, and fine arts which form a basis for our civilization will better enable us to understand the complexities of the world in which we live. Accordingly, the Liberal Arts Department endeavors to present quality instruction in a broad range of disciplines such as English, foreign languages, history, philosophy, political science, communication, and the fine arts. These courses satisfy some core curriculum requirements for a baccalaureate degree at Lamar University and are readily transferable to other universities.  

Student Facilities

The Lamar State College-Port Arthur campus contains 22 buildings situated on approximately 40 acres. Most of these facilities were donated for the creation of the institution. The following is a listing of the institutions and organizations whose facilities contributed to Lamar State College-Port Arthur: Port Arthur College, the City of Port Arthur, the Port Arthur College Foundation, Southern Union Gas, the First United Methodist Church of Port Arthur and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Student Life

The primary purpose is to promote individual student development, provide services, and foster a sense of campus community. The Office encourages student organizations to develop leadership and community responsibility skills while encouraging students to become involved in the life of the campus.

The Office also promotes a user-friendly environment to help students, faculty and staff receive quality and timely service through a one-stop shopping delivery system of student services under the heading of admission and records, financial aid and advising. The office also coordinates the functions of other offices within the Division of Student Services to effectively serve the needs of our students, faculty, staff and institution as well.  

How To Apply

Submit application for admission on the official form (PDF*). Inclusion of a Social Security number is required on this form.
Have your complete high school transcript sent to the College Admission and Records Office immediately after graduation. Partial transcripts before graduation may be submitted but final certification of graduation is necessary.
See Admission Requirements for more information.  

Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)