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A brief overview of some of the departments in the college:

What is Fine Art Painting?
The Painting Course provides students with a broad range of skills that can be developed and adapted in a variety of ways during future practice. The Course provides the physical and intellectual environment for students to gain a greater personal awareness of visual language, and to be able to organise and translate that experience in the production of engaging works. It places emphasis on the procedural approaches to painting practice, familiarising students with basic tools, media and technique.

What is Fine Art Printmaking?
The Printmaking Course provides students with a broad range of technical and creative skills for future professional development as a practising artist. The Course provides the educational, physical and intellectual environment that allows students to develop their creative ability in a variety of ways.
The emphasis of the course is to obtain, a sound technical knowledge of the many printmaking skills, the critical and creative ability to translate and develop a personal vi... [ Read All ]



Limerick School of Art & Design, Old Clare St.,

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Location and Getting there

Limerick city, defined by the majestic river Shannon is a dynamic and forward looking city on the west coast of Ireland. It can be accessed by rail, road, has a local international airport and you can even get here by barge along our recently renovated canal links if you've loads of time. Here's a really good link with lots of information:  

Information For  International Students

Definition of Nationality
A European Union passport or citizenship does not grant
entitlement to European Union Fees (i.e. Free Fees):
European Union applicants are:
(i) Those who are citizens of a European Union Member State
and whose principal residence for the purpose of taxation
has been in a European Union Member State for a minimum
of three of the five years prior to entry to the Institute.
For applicants who are aged under twenty-three on 1st
September on the year of entry, principal residence is that of the parent.
(ii) Those who are European Union Nationals and who have
attended a second-level school in a European Union Member
State for at least three of the five years immediately preceding entry to the Institute.
(iii) Those who are in receipt of Higher Education Grant funding from a European Union Member State.
(iv) Non-EU Nationals who (a) have been granted official refugee status or, (b) have been granted humanitarian leave to remain in the State. Such applicants must also meet the residency requirement in (i) above. However, periods of residency as an applicant for asylum, or as a declared refugee prior t...  [ Read All ]

Student Testimonials

Niamh Brown
Niamh graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 1996 with an Honours Degree in Graphic Design. After gaining valuable experience working in both the Design and Advertising sectors of
the industry, Niamh founded Limerick based ‘Designers Ink Visual Communications’ in 1999. Since then, the company has enjoyed continuous growth and expansion and Niamh now employs a staff of four.
With expertise in all aspects of branding, corporate
identity, packaging design, promotional material and advertising, Designers Ink have an extended client list which includes a large
variation of companies including Munster Rugby, Kerry Foods, Island Theatre Company, RTE Lyric FM, and the Health
Science Executive, to name but a few.
Designers Ink recently
became the first design company in the mid west region to win a prestigious Irish Design Effectiveness Award for the Branding of Munster Rugby which was a really great achievement for the
company. “We were involved in all aspects of the branding from the initial logo concept and design to it’s implementation on all
the official merchandise and corporate literatureâ€...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

This section will guide you if you are applying for a place
at Limerick Institute of Technology for September 2007.
Unless otherwise stated, all dates given in this section on
applications refer to the year in which admission is sought.

Central Applications Office (C.A.O.)
All ‘undergraduate’ applications (that is, places in the first year
of courses) should be made to the Central Applications Office, Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway. The CAO publish a joint Handbook and Application Form which may be obtained from them. The Handbook will provide you with full details of the
application procedure. Read it carefully and make sure that you follow the directions given. Neither the Institute nor CAO can be responsible for any mistakes you make if you don’t follow the correct procedures.

Applicants who must take further steps
1. Those making non-standard applications.
2. Those applying for courses that require some factor additional to the Leaving Certificate to qualify for entry.
3. Restricted application courses: Art and Design.
Applicants will be notified about the nature and time of any assessments or oth...  [ Read All ]

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