Los Angeles Mission College

Los Angeles Mission College, is one of nine colleges in the LACCD (Los Angeles Community College District). LAMC is the newest of the nine, nestled in the mountains overlooking Los Angeles. Tuition is only $20/per unit.

The Institute of Arts and Multimedia offers an intensive program in Fine Art and Multimedia an Associates Degrees in Art and Multimedia, with specialties in the traditional arts of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture; as well in the digital arts of Graphic Design, Video, Animation and Interactive Multimedia. The unique structure of courses reflects our philosophy that our students are artists and professionals foremost.

All students receive a strong foundation in studio art and digital imaging. Our teachers are Industry professionals and established artists who are committed to helping students become successful art professionals and realize their individual goals. Instructors and tutors serve as mentors to students as they advance creatively and technically in the computer lab, digital editing and art studios.

Sylmar (Los Angeles)

United States

13356 Eldridge Street
Phone: 818 364-7721
Website: www.LAMission.edu/IAM

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Our Aims

Our goal is training artists. We have faculty that are all MFA in the area that they teach and are exhibiting artists. We are fortunate to draw from Los Angeles' vast film industry; specialists for the multimedia program, as well. The students must learn strong technical skills, and how to think in terms of art, and are encouraged to reach the most creative solutions possible.  

Location and Getting there

In the northeast corner of Los Angeles, LA Mission College is nestled along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the area of Los Angeles known as Sylmar. The Freeway 210, [which can be reached by either Interstate 5, 405 or 118), runs one mile below the campus. Exit 210 on Hubbard, go north 3 blocks and you are at LAMC, 13356 Eldrige Street, Sylmar, California.  

Department and information about the department

The Institute of Arts and Multimedia, IAM, offers AA Degrees in ART, Multimedia, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Graphic Design.

The IAM is like a mini graduate school, with students in classes together within the larger college's academic setting.  

Academic Staff and Description

All of the IAM staff hold their MFA degrees from the major Universities in the area or greater US; or in the case of Multimedia--in their Industry specialty. Each artist who teaches a specific course, is particularly matched to their exhibition area; or field, of their Industry specialty.  

News and Events

LAMC IAM, has received a $25,000 grant to put on a student video art festival this spring. The Festival, known on campus as the CARLESS DRIVE-IN, will now include all college students in the area to enter, with judges from all points of the industry to select the best works. The Carless Drive-in Video Festival is Scheduled for the third weekend in April 2007.

Additionally, our students annually produce their own student art show, which is a crazy extravaganza with 3-D props to set the scene. This years show will be May 12-24.

This year, we have the pleasure of hosting the M. R. Scholarship; 3- $500 cash scholarships will be given to LAMC IAM students who the international art dealer selects! This will occur, also in May. The college offers many other scholarships to support students to their educational goals.  

Information For  Undergraduates

Register online at LAMission.edu.
The main page will guide you through. Upon completing your requirements, you will then transer to a 4 year college to complete the 3 & 4th year of your education. You will arrive at the top of your class!  

Information For  Postgraduates

This is a foundation college for Freshmen and Sophomores. However, because we teach state of the art courses, we have many post graduate students who take advantage of our offerings....all are encouraged to learn.  

Information For  International Students

International students make up a significant portion of our students in IAM. The fee is approximately $192 per unit.  


Alumni are encouraged to return to our annual shows and we will provide a special gallery exhibition, annually of their work, when the new building is finished in 2009.

Our alumni have gone on to distinquish themselves with numerous awards and are in advanced colleges and MFA programs around the country; many of our students have been snagged by industry to work on films and sets locally. Two of our current students won Emmy Awards in 2006, beating out Fox News, and other larger budget venues to receive their awards in PSA.  

Student Facilities

We have two main areas for the students. The Fine Arts are located 2000 feet above sea level at Veteran's Park in the Cultural Arts Building. It has a spectacular view of the basin and sunsets, it is in an idyllic 20 acre park. Our students inhabit the 40,000 square foot building, sharing it with Music students, as well as students from Interior Design. There is a full wet photo lab in the building, sculpture zone, and 20 foot tall ceilings in the painting lab. A kitchen allows students to bring snacks while working at the CAC.

The Multimedia computers and production studio is located on the main campus, on the lower level of the Library. It houses state of the art equipment. Please check: lamission.edu/IAM and follow the link to the Multimedia classes offered. All new computers were installed this year, as part of a large grant our college received to support the transfer of students to their 4 year program. We have a video production studio, and our students are known for their Graphic Design work and their Digital Video productions.  

Student Support

The IAM supports students to students via the Better Than Television Club, the IAM shows, and the faculty is hand-selected to be helpful the needs of our students. The larger college offers many student organizations, financial aid, and counseling.  

Student Life

The IAM is an intense area of study, and we encourage student interactions throughout. The LA area provides exceptional access to cultural events. The NE San Fernando Valley of LA; is a quiet area in the foothills, but sports several innovative coffee shops, which support the involvement of student work.  

Student Testimonials

Chau Hyunh, now at UC DAVIS, MFA program, won the HAUS Scholar Award while at UC Berkeley Art Program. Preston Northrup has been working on a television production set since a student; transferred to Art Center Film Department;
Nobel Merriott and Dylan Dorward-Sachs won Emmys for Public Service Announcement in Los Angeles while students at LAMC IAM; and many more...  


Our distinctive program has been designated an Institute of Arts and Multimedia (IAM), within the regular LA Mission College Campus. Our Fine Arts program had students win first place and honorable mentions in the all California Community College Art Competition in 2002; was the first to receive the Chancelor's first Purchase Awards; our Multimedia Program has been the recipient of several distinquished grants, and our faculty and students have exhibited work together at several venues.  

How To Apply

Register online at LAMission.edu  

Visit us (open days)

MTWTHFSat 9 am-10 pm.  

Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)