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It took a century and a quarter for Erie's classrooms to reach the ridge crowning the city. In 1926, Mercyhurst College opened its doors on a wind-swept hill overlooking Lake Erie, just a few blocks away from the city's southern boundary. Today, the college is in its 79th year after being founded by the Sisters of Mercy of the Erie Catholic Diocese, who were led by Mother M. Borgia Egan, first president of Mercyhurst College. The heritage of Mercyhurst, however, can be traced back to Mother Catherine McAuley, who founded the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland.

From its roots on 75 acres of farmland on the bluffs overlooking Lake Erie to Mercyhurst's modern campus, the college has undergone dynamic change. Today Mercyhurst covers six blocks and is the largest piece of unbroken real estate in Erie. More importantly, Mercyhurst has emerged as a major force in the educational landscape of the region, while remaining true to its mission as a private Catholic liberal arts college in the Mercy tradition.

From the beginning, Mother Borgia was determined to make Mercyhurst the "beauty spot in the diocese of E... [ Read All ]


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501 E. 38th St.
PA 16546
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Our Aims

Mercyhurst College, a Catholic institution in the liberal arts tradition, is a community of learning dedicated to the lifelong development of the whole person. It strives for academic distinction in each of its programs. Inspired by the vision of the Sisters of Mercy, the College holds in highest esteem the qualities of excellence, compassion, creativity, and service to others.

The College integrates its strong foundation in the arts and sciences with focused programs in career preparation, challenging students to think critically, to comprehend the richness of our global community, and to work for positive change. At Mercyhurst, students gather the knowledge insight, skills and vision necessary to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Guided by its Catholic heritage, Mercyhurst promotes the values of truth, individual integrity, human dignity, mercy, and justice.  

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Department and information about the department

The art department is dedicated to fostering imagination and creativity in an environment that develops specialized knowledge and skills in a comprehensive and life-enhancing manner. Our intent is to integrate practical experience in art with an informed philosophy and to instill the ability to generate and communicate ideas in an articulate way. The college offers the bachelor of arts degree in art with concentrations in studio art, art education and graphic design and a bachelor of arts degree in art therapy. An art education major is certified to teach art in grades K-12. Students seeking certification in art education are required to complete at least half of their art courses at Mercyhurst College. A dual major in art education and art therapy is also available. Minors include the following: art, art therapy, photography and Web production.  

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Information For  International Students

Mercyhurst College recognizes the value and importance of the global community and each year the college expands and enhances the international presence on campus. Currently, 38 countries are represented.

The Mercyhurst College Office of International Admissions and Services welcomes and encourages interested international students to apply.  


Mercyhurst alumni carry on the college’s tradition of excellence, compassion, creativity and service to others. Reconnect with fellow classmates or let us know how you are doing in our online alumni community.  

Student Support

Although today's students have their own college selection criteria, including strength of academic programs, faculty credentials, and overall reputation, student services represent an important factor in recruitment and retention as well.

Research shows that college students spend between 80 and 90 percent of their time out of the classroom, not in it, so how a college helps a student to grow and learn outside of the classroom is of vital importance.

Student services that contribute to the quality of campus life, such as housing, activities and organizations, health and spiritual resources, library, food service, and bookstore all play a role in supporting and nurturing students.  

Student Life

The student clubs and organizations at Mercyhurst College offer activities designed for fun and camaraderie, and are great ways to meet other students who share common interests. Getting involved on campus is also a great way to develop leadership skills and is an excellent resume builder for that first job after graduation.  


Mercyhurst residence halls and apartments offer a supportive learning environment for living and learning. Students will find many opportunities to learn from peers and participate in programs and activities that challenge them to apply classroom learning to real-life situations.  

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