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The Hungarian Royal Institute of Arts and Crafts opened its doors on November 14th 1880 with its first class, the carving workshop. The Institute belonged to the Hungarian Royal School of Model Drawing and Teacher Training – a predecessor of the University of Fine Arts – founded in 1870. The institution was placed into the (former) Music Academy’s building on Andrássy Avenue. In the 1880s and 90s, a number of new classes were added: model drawing, metalwork, wood engraving, decorative painting, copper engraving, statuette sculpting and decorative sculpting. Starting from the academic year 1887/88, a 2-year preparatory course was added, thus extending the 3-year training program to 5 years.

Due to the growing number of students and broadening range of educational activities and after having moved several times, the institution finally received its worthy residence alongside the Museum of Arts and Crafts, in a palace designed by Ödön Lechner and Gyula Pártos. The school became an independent institution, performing successfully at public exhibitions, e.g. at the millennial exhibition of H... [ Read All ]



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Our Aims

The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is committed to train traditional artist-craftsmen, as well as architects, designers and visual communication designers.
The MOME aims to teach students highly talented in arts how to control and benefit from their skills. We make every effort to train conscious creative individuals who can face challenges in their professional fields.

Besides training artists, the University contributes to the rise of visual culture with the training of drawing teachers. Our art manager training course provides a link between the various branches of economy and the arts.
The University assumes responsibility for elite training, not only in its graduate courses, but also in its thematic DLA and PhD courses, as well as in various other postgraduate courses.
Regarding its library, art gallery and publications, the MOME is the spiritual workshop of applied arts.
Instead of the traditional division between applied and fine arts and the separation of various art forms, the University enhances the openness and interconnection of the taught subjects.

With our degree we release artists, architects and d...  [ Read All ]

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Location and Getting there

Hungary's graceful capital, Budapest, is one of the most exciting of all European cities with a deep and long history and culture which goes back over a thousand years. Remarkably, this stately and elegant city has managed to retain its own local flavor despite the major upheaval Hungary has experienced since the fall of communism at the end of the 1980's.

You will certainly have fun in Budapest. You can soak yourself in thermal water, go caving in the Buda hills, take in some great operas and classical concerts, sample some amazing Hungarian cuisine and enjoy the magic and beauty of this unique capital. Locals are friendly and easy to approach, and the city itself is safe. Hungarians use a very unique language and they are very enthusiastic when a foreigner makes the effort to use it.

There is so much to do in Budapest and some great shopping too! There are amazing bargains to be found everywhere. You can spend hours browsing in tiny shops, markets or shopping centers throughout the city. Hungary produces many traditional folk art items including ceramics, embroidery, dolls in folk costume, hand-painted Herend and Zsolnay por...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

In September 2007, MOME will introduce 11 BA programs, meanwhile carrying through its already existing 5-year MA courses with the cooperation of its 5 departments. In addition, we offer teacher training and management courses as well as obligatory theoretical courses. The university also disposes of a gallery, the PontON Gallery.  

Academic Staff and Description

MOME has approximately 200 academic and support staff.

Teaching at the MOME is studio based, face to face and professionally engaged. Our staffs are active researchers, practicing artists, designers or architects.

Many staff have international reputations, recognised as leaders in their field.  

News and Events

On March 1st 2006, the university changed its former name “Hungarian University of Arts and Design” to Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME).

MOME refers to László Moholy-Nagy, an internationally celebrated artist whose personal and professional credo embraces all the areas we teach and value – ranging from object design through architecture to visual communication.

This name change reflects our sensitive approach towards the cultural challenges of the 21st century. It implies that we have recognized and acknowledged the fact that in our ever-changing world it is not enough to merely preserve tradition and that flexibility requires constant inner change and adaptation.



On March 1st the Hungarian University of Craft and Design was renamed Moholy-Nagy University of Art and design (MOME) in honour of Moholy-Nagy László.


MOME has a new look and a new logo, designed by Bela Hegyi, a former student of the University.


MOME has established a new prize, to be awarded to exceptional artists, especially designers.

The first Moholy ...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Undergraduates

Autumn semester - 2006. September 4 - December 8

Registrations( for the Hungarian students) 2006. August 28.-September 1.

First day of lessons September 5.

Last day of lessons December 1.

Preparation for the semester- end evaluation December 4-8.

Evaluations December 11-15.

Vacation December 18.- January 3.

Exams 2007. January 3-23.

Spring semester – 2007. February 1 - May 18

Registrations 2007 January 31., February 1.,2.

First day of lessons February 5.

Last day of lessons May 11.

Preparation for the semester- end evaluation May 14-18.

Evaluations May 21-25.

Exams May 28-June 20.

Spring Vacation April 9-13.  


You have several options to choose from when looking for public or private accommodation in Budapest. You may stay in the dormitory of the university you are attending, rent a room, share a flat or rent a whole flat on your own. Information on private places for rent can be found in the classified columns of newspapers or on the notice board of the university. The office of international relations will help you find a convenient place to stay at.