Moscow State University

Moscow State University of Printing Arts is a unique specialized higher school, which trains experts for publishing houses, print shops, book-selling organizations and other enterprises in Russia.

The story of the University goes back to July 1930, when Moscow Graphic Arts College was established. Originally it consisted of 3 faculties: Technical Studies, Economics and Publishing. Several years later Engineering Faculty was opened and the College began to instruct the whole scope of graphic arts and publishing curricula.

With a 70-year history behind it, the University has turned into a recognized educational and scientific centre, well known for its highly qualified teaching staff, its traditions, and scientific schools.

The University is an "alma mater" for almost 50 thousand specialists, with more than 500 Doctors of Science among them. Approximately one thousand of its graduates work in 37 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Our former students run leading publishing houses, print shops, and book trade networks in the Russian Federation, the CIS and the Baltic cou... [ Read All ]



2a Pryanishnikova str
Phone: (095) 976-25-22

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Location and Getting there

127550, Москва ул.Прянишникова, 2а
Телефон: (095) 976-1470
Факс: (095) 976-0635
Электронная почта:

Department and information about the department

Faculty of Mechanics and Control Systems

The Faculty numbers 7 departments. The Faculty offers bachelor's and master's programs as well as awards Diploma in the following specialities: "Graphic Arts Equipment and Automated Complexes", "Automated Information Processing and Control Systems", and "Information and Control in Technical Systems". A wide range of special courses including engineering, electronics, mechanics, computer systems and software, as well as printing, typesetting and platemaking is the base of the educational process at the Faculty.

Faculty of Graphic Arts Design

The Faculty numbers 3 departments. The Faculty awards Diploma in the speciality: "Graphics". The Faculty provides special training in composition of the work of art, typography, graphic arts design, and computer technologies.

Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty numbers 9 departmen...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

The division offers programs for 5 Candidate degree (the first scholar degree in the Russian Federation) and 2 Doctorate's programs in economics, engineering, technology and publishing. Upon completion of the appropriate program and thesis defense post-graduates are awarded either Candidate degree in Engineering, Economics, History, Philology or Arts, or Doctor degree in Economics, Philology or History.  

Information For  International Students

Мoscow state university of graphic arts offers Graphic Arts curriculum for international students.  

Student Life

All students in need of dwelling accommodation are offered a modern comfortable hostel with three, two and one-room apartments. The students' life is interesting and versatile. Cheerful discos, literary and theatrical soirees, concerts of classical music - all these are not yet a complete list of the cultural - entertaining spare time programs for students. The sports club has become the centre of the University's sports life. Students play football, basketball, and volleyball. There are facilities for swimming, boxing, tennis, and athletic gymnastics. The University's sport aerobics team - the leader among Moscow student teams - takes part in the international competitions.  

How To Apply

Applicants should submit the following documents:

- An application properly signed with a chosen speciality to be indicated;
- Certifies copy of a document of complete secondary education (Diploma, Certificate, etc);
- Health certificate with medical tests results (AIDS - test included);
- Curriculum vitae;
- 3 x 4 cm portrait photos Nos. 12.

Foreign students are provided a comfortable living environment at the Residence Halls. Rates and conditions of housing are subject to additional contract.