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Murray State University is home to 10,304 students. As one of the nation's best public universities, Murray attracts students who are seeking a great education in a personalized, college-town setting.


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Our Aims

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts strives to foster awareness and appreciation of the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences among students, the university community, and the public. The College is a learning community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and its application through civic and professional leadership. Students and faculty members act as advocates for the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences in a variety of ways, ranging from teaching and scholarly work to performance, exhibition, and consultation. To this end, the College actively promotes research and creative activities among its faculty and students.

The College seeks to provide a personalized learning experience promoting the free and rigorous pursuit of knowledge, respect for differing points of view and cultures, appreciation of personal expression in all its artistic forms, awareness of the role of an educated citizenry in a democratic society, and understanding of the role values play in thought and action. The College aims to develop students who think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and participate actively in their ...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The Department of Art provides a broad range of programs and professional opportunities for students preparing to work as practicing artists, craftspersons and designers, for careers in art education, and for graduate study in art, art education, and art history.

Students pursuing a degree in art may select a program of study leading to either the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of Arts, or the Bachelor of Science degree. Teacher certification in art is available to undergraduate students within each degree option. Degree candidates are certified to teach art in kindergarten through grade 12. A minor in art and a minor in art history are also offered. Elective courses in art appreciation, art history and studio art are open to non-art majors.

The curricular structure of each degree program is organized to encourage students to study and explore a variety of media and techniques upon which later specialization may be based. Areas of specialization include ceramics, drawing, wood, graphic design, metalsmithing, photography, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. At the intermediate and advanced levels, students are encourage...  [ Read All ]