NOVIA, Programme Of Fine Art

NOVIA University of Applied siences is a third level University. The department of Fine Art is situated in the small town of Nykarleby in the western part of Finland. Our education gives 240 credits over a time of four years. The teaching and main language in our school is swedish. The school started 1983 and became a part of a polytechnic school 1997. Last year we were given the status of university. The Fine Art dept. is the only art school in Finland with main language in swedish.
Altough our main teaching language is Swedish we also teach in both English and Finnish.

At this moment we have international students from both Germany, Latvia, Rumania, Austaralia and Switzerland.

The Fine Arts Programme offers theoretical and practical skills for a working career within industries with free art. Students are provided with skills for carrying out artistic assignments and projects.
The prime focus of the education is the provision of knowledge for personal creative thinking and artistic creativity. Various expressional methods are used such as printmaking, intermediate expressions (photo-... [ Read All ]



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Our Aims

The level is BA. We have deepings in traditional art making dishiplins such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and inter-dishiplinary expressions within photography, video & film, performance, installation and digital art.  

Location and Getting there

The cultural sector in the school is located in the district in three towns, Vasa,, Jakobstad and Nykarleby. Our department of Visual Arts is situated in the town of Nykarleby about 80 km north of Vasa. Nearest Airprt is Kokkola/Pietarsaari airport about 40 km. Closest trainstation is Bennäs/Pietarsaari about 18 km.

Department and information about the department

Together with the Fine Art department in Nykarleby we also have two departments within Design (interior and graphic design) and Media (photography).
The total amount of students in Nykarleby is 120.
2012 the department in Nykarleby is mooving into a new university and kultural Campus in Jakobstad.  

Academic Staff and Description

At our Fine Art department we have 4 full time teachers and about 3 part time teachers. Upon this we also provide work for a number per year of guest artists and lechturers.

Leif Strengell, head of dept., printmaking
Albert Braun, lechturer, intermedia
Arto Penttinen, lechturer, sculpture
Robert Back, teacher, painting
Ingela Bodbacka-Rak, art theory, art history
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News and Events

Connected to our school we also provide and maintane an active Artist in Residence programme. We have accommodation and studio free of charge. The artists can use all equipment in our school free.  

Information For  Undergraduates

We take in to our program 15 students per year.
We ask students to apply via:
Information in English we recommend:

Information For  International Students

We have partners within the Socrates programme in exchange students and staff mobility. We also invite other to take contact.
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The school and our program is active in post graduated activities and is working with tutorship within alumni  

Student Facilities

The whole department in Nykarleby have 3600 m2 space.  

Student Support

To use all facilities and equipment is free of charge.
The students get support from the community and state support. The studens therefore pay all for "software", material and f.ex. paper and copying. The studens pay also for accommodation and living  

Student Life

The school provides student spaces and the student group is very active within its community and students tutorship  


Our students have been given trough the town a possibility to rent student accommodations and rooms. Tough when the town of Nykarleby is tiny, village like it is easy to find accommodation  

How To Apply

Time to apply this year is 7.3-12.4.2011
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