New Bulgarian University

The New Bulgarian University was established on 18th September 1991 upon decision of the Great National Assembly. On 5th July 2001, NBU obtained institutional accreditation from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency for the maximum 6-year period, and in December 2005 it passed through the second accreditation procedure. In 2004 NBU was accredited by The Open University in Great Britain.

It was the first university in Bulgaria, which introduced the credit system, the study for the educational degrees specialist, bachelor and master, the distance learning and continuing education.

Among the Doctors Honoris Causa and Honorary Professors of NBU are persons of world renown – Richard Rorty, Vera Mutafchieva, Yulia Krasteva, Jean-Perre Vernant, Milcho Leviev, Robert Young, Raina Kabaivanska, Lord Ralf Dahrendorf, Terry Eagleton, etc.

Annually, 12 000 students and single-course students study at NBU. Up to 2006, 9 940 bachelors, masters and post-graduate students have graduated at the university.



res. quarter Ovcha Kupel, 21, Montevideo Street
Phone: 8110 415

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Our Aims

The mission of NBU is:
To be a student-oriented, autonomous academic institution for cultivating of enterprising persons, responsible for their own development.
To serve as environment for the development of socially concerned persons, prepared for the life under the conditions of democracy, civil society, market relations, European and world integration.
To be a liberal academic institution, based on the relation between education, research, and entrepreneurship.
To provide general interdisciplinary and narrowly specialized education, based on research work and related to the practice.

Location and Getting there


Sofia 1618
res. quarter Ovcha Kupel
21, Montevideo Street

Bus № 73 – bus stop at the entrance of NBU
Bus № 111 – bus stop on the Ring-road, near NBU
Bus № 260 - bus stop on the Ring-road, near NBU

Route taxis
Route taxi № 27– bus stop at the entrance of NBU
Route taxi № 29 – bus stop at the entrance of NBU
Route taxi № 48 – bus stop at the entrance of NBU
Route taxi №15 – crosses the Ring-road near NBU
Route taxi № 38 – crosses the Ring-road near NBU

The price from the center of Sofia to NBU is about 6 BGL.
The price from res. quarter Nadezhda, res. quarter Lyulin and the neighboring quarters is about 7 BGL.
The price from res. quarter Mladost, res. quarter Darvenitsa and the neighboring quarters is about 8 BGL.
Parking lot

The university parking lot is located behind restaurant Artes. The price for a stay up to 1 hour is 1 BGL; from 1 to 12 hours - 2 BGL, and from 12 to 24 hours – 3 BGL. The parking lot offers a one-month subscription to the amount of 30 BGL.
The university parking lot disposes with fr...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

Department “Applied Arts” was founded in the academic year 1993/1994 by a group of specialists in the field of Applied Arts. Among the founders are: Prof. Serafim Serafimov, Prof. Ognyan Shoshev, Prof. Rumen Raichev, Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Lazarova, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Yordanka Chernaeva, Tatyana Georgieva, Svetla Chakarova. The department is established and functions on the basis of the Western European and North American universities’ patterns and there is no analogous structure in Bulgaria.

The department has realized a number of creative events – fashion reviews, exhibitions, stage performances. Each year the production of the lecturers and students is presented at the Annual Fashion Review. Among the events, organized by the department, is the charity campaign for donating of clothes for the secondary-school graduation ball of the children at the Orphan Home in Gorna Banya.

With the support of company “I.N.A. Trading” Ltd. and the department, the students, studying fashion, were provided with the high technology CAD system ASSYST– BULLMER for computer design and grading of clothes. A team of lecturers from t...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description  

Information For  Undergraduates

The program has an applied character and offers knowledge of the contemporary state, possibilities and issues of visual arts.
Program modules:
Cinema and television;
Animated cinema;
Graphic design;

The program offers a multispectral and interdisciplinary training in the field of art studies, culturology and ethnology.
Program modules (from semester 5):
Art studies;
Cultural studies

Information For  International Students

NBU is a modern university, which offers many attractive features for international students:

- High quality academic programs, which will help students to face the demands of the labor markets;
- Stimulating learning environment appropriate for the typical young students, as well as for adults willing to continue or upgrade their education;
- A credit system, which allows accreditation of study periods in other universities and creation of individual study plans;
- Involvement in research projects;
- Access to modern information technologies and application of modern methods of education;
- A high standard of educational resources and facilities;
- A friendly and hospitable atmosphere with responsive colleagues and highly qualified academic staff;
- NBU is located in the Bulgarian capital – Sofia – a beautiful European city where the cultural and political life of the country is concentrated;
- The nature reserve – Vitosha Mountain - is within 30 min. travel time. It offers excellent possibilities for winter sports and relaxation all over the year;
- The Black Sea coast is within 5 hours of Sofia and on route you ...  [ Read All ]


The Alumni Association of the New Bulgarian University helps its former students keep in touch with the University. The Association was created in the academic 2002/2003 year and immediately 100 former students confirmed their desire to become members. Many of the graduates of the New Bulgarian University are to be found in prestigious governmental institutions and private companies or continue their education in world renowned research centers. Through the Alumni Association, they keep advancing the interests of their University and contribute to its public image. The members are kept informed of the life of the University on a monthly basis, so they are able to participate in it wherever they are. The University is the place of meetings between present and former students and this initiative was warmly embraced by the students in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Public Administration. In result of the first Alumni meeting, it was prepared and signed an agreement with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) to ensure practical training of students. The agreement is implemented with the assistance of...  [ Read All ]

Student Life

Meeting people and making friends is always a concern when you first arrive in a foreign country. Fortunately it can be easily overcome in Bulgaria – you will soon find out about the events taking place in the town and will be able to join clubs and societies. Bulgarians are generally considered to be hospitable and friendly. They usually express genuine interest towards foreign people and are very much inclined to make friends and help. But bear in mind that you have not to be over-credulous because here, as everywhere else, surprises are possible. It is recommended to make your first contacts through your colleagues and among the students.
Sofia is a multireligious town. There are communities representing the major religious faiths with their own center, mosque, church or synagogue. International students will be given information on the existing religious communities.  


The students will be supported by NBU representative to make their own arrangements and to visit accommodation available in the private sector. It is not hard to find an apartment in Sofia. The costs are between € 100 - € 200 per month depending on location and type of apartment or room.


How To Apply

International students (without ES and VS) submit the following application package:

A completed application form
A copy of your official diploma (Secondary education diploma – for undergraduate students, Bachelor diploma – for graduate students, Bachelor or Master diploma – for Ph.D. students). Please note that the copy must be officially legalized in your country, then translated into Bulgarian (English) and legalized by the Bulgarian Embassy in your country.
Medical certificate, issued not earlier than 1 month prior to application, legalized by the authorities in your country, translated into Bulgarian (English) and legalized by the Bulgarian Embassy.
A legal document, confirming the right of the candidate to continue his/her education in the HE Schools of the country where the Secondary education has been obtained (for undergraduate students only).
Two letters of recommendation (for graduate students only).
Two recent passport-size photos.
A copy of the first page of your passport or other identification documents with your names in Latin letters, date and place of birth.
Academic transcript of the course...  [ Read All ]

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