Pacific Northwest College Of Art

PNCA is a Private Independent Non Profit Art College, established in 1909 as the Portland Art Museum School, PNCA currently offers eight fine art majors in the BFA program and a MFA in visual studies.


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1241 NW Johnson Street
Phone: 503.821.8972

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Our Aims

Pacific Northwest College of Art — Connecting students to the world through fine art and design education  

Location and Getting there

PNCA is located in the NW Pearl District in Portland Oregon. Main campus at 1241 NW Johnson Street Portland OR 97209  

Department and information about the department

Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

A BFA degree prepares students for careers in their chosen artistic discipline or for succeeding in graduate programs in fine and design arts. PNCA’s curriculum features an intensive studio experience, beginning with a grounding in basic techniques, progressing through periods of innovation and critical study, and culminating in the development of an independent style. PNCA is an independent visual art and design college with an intimate ratio of 12 students to every faculty member. Students can earn a BFA in Communication Design, Illustration, Intermedia, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture under the guidance of professional, practicing artists and scholars. Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies

PNCA’s Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies is a 60-credit, two-year program that is multi-disciplinary and mentor-based. The flexible character of this kind of program allows students to work within a singular discipline (traditional painting, for example) or to pursue a combined practice that bridges disciplines and media. This generalist structure compliments PNCA’s educational phil...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

PNCA has a diverse faculty of working professionals many can be located through their respective galleries and Design firms.  

Information For  Undergraduates

Information For  Postgraduates

Information For  International Students

Students from outside the United States should contact admissions via email at  


Student Facilities

Students enjoy and urban campus with several shops and galleries in the neighborhood.  

Student Testimonials

“To make a painting is a declaration,” says Benjamin J. Fountain, known to most as Benny. “At a base level, the drive to make art comes out of an astonishment at life, at the world, at the way the world looks through my particular eyes. It just feels like
it’s full of mystery and goodness… I love to communicate that to others.”
Benjamin J. Fountain '05  

How To Apply

Visit, click the apply button and the rest is free.  

Visit us (open days)

Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm call 503.821.8972 for tour.  

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