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On May 13, 1891, Massachusetts-born businessman William Marsh Rice chartered the William Marsh Rice Institute for the Advancement of Literature, Science, and Art as a gift to the city of Houston, where he made his fortune. The terms of the charter required that work on the new institute would begin only after Rice's death.

On September 23, 1900, Rice was chloroformed to death by his valet, Charlie Jones, who had conspired with an unscrupulous lawyer, Albert Patrick, to murder the aging millionaire and claim his estate using a forged will. When an autopsy ordered by Rice's attorney, Captain James A. Baker, revealed evidence of poisoning, Jones agreed to provide state's evidence in return for immunity from prosecution. Patrick was convicted of murder and sent to Sing Sing. He was pardoned in 1912, the same year that classes began at the Rice Institute.

In 1907, the trustees of the Rice Institute acted upon the recommendation of Woodrow Wilson (then president of Princeton) and named astronomer and mathematician Edgar Odell Lovett the first president of Rice. Lovett called for the establishment of a unive... [ Read All ]


United States

Rice University, 6100 Main Street
TX 77005
Phone: 713-348-4882
Fax: 713-348-5910
Website: http://www.rice.edu/

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Our Aims

As a leading research university with a distinctive commitment to undergraduate education, Rice University aspires to pathbreaking research, unsurpassed teaching, and contributions to the betterment of our world. It seeks to fulfill this mission by cultivating a diverse community of learning and discovery that produces leaders across the spectrum of human endeavor.


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The Visual & Dramatic Arts department at Rice University allows emerging artists and scholars to ground their work in informed perspective. We encourage, support, and work to bridge energetic and artistic pursuit with scholarly thought and dialog.
The Department of Visual & Dramatic Arts consists of a diverse group of faculty and staff working to provide undergraduate students with an unparalleled educational experience. Our faculty contribute significantly as artists, scholars, and teachers in the profession of art making. They have established distinguished careers on local, national, and international levels and are engaged in continued collaboration with Rice University's academic departments, arts and cultural centers, and interdisciplinary programs. Because our faculty and many of our staff are working artists, the department enjoys a strong relationship with the art community of Houston. Our efforts are enhanced by the fact that we operate within a great university and a large city with extraordinary visual and performing arts organizations.

In addition to working with outstanding faculty and support staff, the students ...  [ Read All ]

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Information For  Undergraduates

The Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts majors are students who declare a major in the studio arts (drawing, digital video and film production, painting, photography, printmaking sculpture) or theatre arts tracks. Each student should discuss with their faculty advisor the selection of courses and any other matters of concern in the student's academic life, such as study and travel abroad, scholarships and internships, career goals or options, etc.

Graduating senior visual and dramatic arts majors and double majors are required to participate in the annual student art exhibition and/or theatre production held during commencement week. In addition, graduating senior visual and dramatic arts majors are required to enroll in a one credit hour class, ARTV 499 Special Problems: Senior Exhibition/Theatre Project, during their last semester.


Information For  International Students

The mission of Rice University’s Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) is to provide the best service and support possible for our international visitors (whose population includes degree-seeking students, visiting and exchange students, faculty, researchers, staff, and others). We seek to enhance our foreign visitors’ stay in the USA, and particularly at Rice, by providing quality cultural, academic, regulatory, and social programs.




Student Facilities

The campus includes about 70 buildings, many of which are based on a neo-Byzantine style developed by Ralph Adams Cram and characterized by red tile roofs, semicircular archways, and a special rose-hued brick. There have been six major facilities completed since 2000 and a number of buildings that have gone through major renovations during the same period. The buildings include classrooms, laboratories, and auditoriums; faculty and administrative offices; a library; music studios and recital halls; art studios; a chapel; a student center; a center for continuing education; a media center; an art gallery; an observatory; an on-campus data center; an off-campus library facility; nine residential colleges; and 10 private homes, including nine college masters houses and a newly renovated home for the president across the street from the campus. The campus also includes athletic grounds; tennis courts; intramural and club sports fields; and stadiums for football, baseball, track and field, soccer and tennis, including the largest open-air stadium in the city. Chilled water and steam are provided to most buildings from a central plant, wh...  [ Read All ]

Student Life

There’s plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from at Rice. We encourage students to pursue their existing passions or expand their horizons by trying something new.



While at Rice, where you live goes a long way in determining how you live.

The Admission Office randomly assigns incoming students to one of nine self-governing residential colleges. More than just a residence hall, your college is your primary place for dining, studying, and socializing. It’s also a place you’ll likely make lifelong friendships.

Students often cite the college system as one of the best, most rewarding things about Rice. Next year, we’ll celebrate the 50th anniversary of the system, and plans are underway to add two more colleges to the mix.


How To Apply

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A visit to Rice University will introduce you to a world-class institution that offers unparalleled opportunities to learn from distinguished faculty, embark on groundbreaking research and join a close-knit student body of future leaders and scholars.

Your visit to Rice can be customized with a campus tour, information session, lunch with current student or a variety of activities that offer insight into the Rice experience.


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