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The University of Rio Grande, founded in 1876 and known for its excellence, creativity and innovative approach to learning, is located in the town of Rio Grande in the beautiful hills of the State of Ohio, USA.

Rio Grande Community College opened its doors in 1974 and, to this day, Rio Grande is a unique combination of community college and private university. There is something for everyone at Rio Grande!

The campus atmosphere is friendly, casual and cosmopolitan, with many support facilities and groups assisting local, regional, and international students with their day-to-day needs and concerns. The University is home to students from many different countries.

Rio Grande and the surrounding area

A safe and beautiful university town with great amenities, Rio Grande is small enough for students to feel a sense of belonging to the community. The campus includes acres of rolling lawns, expansive athletic fields and attractive facilities. It is conveniently located 1.5 hours south of the metropolitan city of Columbus, and 120 miles east of Cincinnati.

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Rio Grande

United States

218 N. College Ave.
Phone: 1.800.282.7201 ext 7391
Fax: 1.740.245.7101

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Our Aims

The University of Rio Grande provides programs in the liberal arts, sciences, business, teacher education, fine and performing arts, nursing, and technologies. URG has a diverse curriculum and offers a range of educational opportunities with open access at a reasonable cost. URG grants associate, bachelor and master degrees. Rio Grande Community College offers a variety of credit and non-credit courses, seminars, workshops and events as part of life-long learning and enrichment. Historically, URG's primary focus has been students from the Appalachian region. URG is now more cosmopolitan with enrollments from states outside the region and foreign countries.

The University provides non-discriminatory educational opportunities for the pursuit of academic excellence. The educational experience provides opportunities to develop a balance of intellectual, aesthetic, social and physical qualities that characterize the total human experience, and challenges students' thinking and abilities. The University emphasizes learning that prepares students for the many occupations and professions necessary to live and work in a global community....  [ Read All ]

Location and Getting there

To get to Rio Grande from Columbus, OH:
-Take US-23 South towards Circleville.
-Merge onto US-35 E via the exit on the left.
-Take the OH-325 exit toward Vinton/Rio Grade
-Turn RIGHT onto OH-325
-Turn LEFT onto North College Avenue

To get to Rio Grande from Cincinnati, OH:
-Merge onto OH-32 E via exit number 63B toward Batavia.
-Merge onto US-35 E toward Gallipolis.
-Take the OH-325 exit toward Vinton/Rio Grade
-Turn RIGHT onto OH-325
-Turn LEFT onto North College Avenue

To get to Rio Grande from Charleston, WV:
-Take I-64 W toward Huntington.
-Take the WV-34 exit exit number 39 toward Winfield.
-Turn RIGHT onto WV-34.
-Turn LEFT onto US-35 N.
-Take the OH-325 exit toward Vinton/Rio Grade
-Turn RIGHT onto OH-325
-Turn LEFT onto North College Avenue

To get to Rio Grande from Huntington, WV:
-Turn LEFT onto OH-7/2ND AVE.
-Turn LEFT onto OH-160/PINE ST. Continue to follow OH-160.
-Merge onto US-35 W toward RIO GRANDE/JACKSON.
-Take the OH-325 exit toward Vinton/Rio Grade
-Turn RIGHT onto OH-325
-Turn LEFT onto North College Avenue  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The mission of the School of Fine Arts is to provide a quality-learning environment for students from the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College service area and beyond. The programs focus on close personal attention for each student from a well-qualified arts faculty in modern facilities. The intent of the program is to aid students who wish to pursue graduate studies or move straight into professional careers. Furthermore, the mission is to simultaneously provide many quality visual and performance experiences through numerous outreach programs. Through the arts, the learner is provided a unique means to explore and discover social, ethnic, political, spiritual, moral, economic, environmental, and technological issues in diverse periods and times.

The arts, through infinite processes and media, also provide the learner with unique ways of communicating, both receiving and sending, of ideas, issues, themes, and moods. Using appropriate criteria, the processes of interpretation, evaluation, and criticism in the arts require the development of a higher order of thinking which transcends the arts. In addition, stude...  [ Read All ]

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The Alumni Association serves all former students who have completed at least 12 credit hours of coursework and have left the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College in good financial standing. The Association attempts to promote the 'welfare of the alma mater, social enjoyment among its members and the perpetuation of school friendships and relationships.' Non-graduates, who wish to receive alumni correspondence and be involved in alumni activities of the University and the Community College are encouraged to notify the Office of Alumni Relations.  

Student Support

University Student Services works to ensure the general out-of-class welfare of Rio Grande students, which is reflected in the programs and activities that we provide for your recreation and comfort.  

Student Life

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The Housing Office is happy to welcome you as a resident student at the University of Rio Grande. We hope that the residence hall experience will prove to be enjoyable and educational. This is a unique opportunity for personal growth and development outside of the classroom environment.  

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