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The Department of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) integrates the arts and new technologies in a program which includes the academic study of art, design, art history, music, television, theatre arts and journalism. The faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars and artists. Internships: Newark's rich cultural scene provides opportunities for students to work and study at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Newark Museum, NJN-TV, WBGO, and the Jazz Institute. Internships in Newark and nearby New York City are a key part of our program providing entry level professional contacts, and experience.

Degree Programs: Bachelor of Arts:, Art, Design, Art History, Music, Television, Theater, Journalism, B.F.A. Visual Arts .

Minors: Art, Design, Art History, Music, Theatre and Television. Teaching Certification and Music of Art.

Paul Robeson Gallery curates regular exhibitions and gallery talks. Provides a professional forum for student portfolio shows.


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10 Warren Street, Bradley Hall
New Jersey
Phone: 973 353 5119

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Department and information about the department

The Program in Art, Design and Art History provides an understanding of art as a humanistic discipline developing formal and conceptual skills that helps lead students to careers in the Arts. Students may specialize in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Digital Arts or Art History, Theses concentrations consist of sixteen courses earning 48 credits: a required group of foundation courses, an area of emphasis, and a senior thesis. The emphasis is worked out in consultation with an adviser, and is intended to provide development of ideas and skills in a particular area. During the senior year, students in Fine Art, Digital Art and Graphic Design create a series of projects that are shown in a Senior exhibition at the Campus Gallery. This exhibition helps form a portfolio for job placement and/or admission to graduate school.  

Information For  Undergraduates


Open to nonmajors. No previous art experience needed.
Basic studio course to develop visual literacy and skill; basic vocabulary of art and experience in manipulating this vocabulary through actual projects; principles of composition, color theory, and concepts of space; training in use of pencil, pen, paint, and collage techniques.

Open to nonmajors. No previous art experience needed.
Basic course to develop an awareness of three-dimensional space through plane, volume, form, light, and rhythm; variety of tools and procedures used to manipulate space; analysis of a problem through materials, processes, and concepts; basic skills involved in structuring space.

Open to nonmajors. No previous art experience needed.
Basic studio course to develop skills in representational drawing; trains students in the perception of real world form and space and the transfer of that perception into two-dimensional images; experience in drawing still life, land- and cityscape, and the figure; materials include pencil, conte crayon, and other draw...  [ Read All ]

Student Facilities

Paul Robeson Gallery
The Paul Robeson Gallery is part of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). Its mission is to provide high quality art exhibitions and programs to Rutgers University, the city of Newark, the surrounding region and the State of New Jersey.

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How To Apply


CFoundation program (18 credits)
Note: These courses should be taken as early as possible; they are the prerequisites for other art courses.

21&62:080:102 Design Fundamentals
21&62:080:103 3-D Design Fundamentals
21&62:080:121 Introduction to Drawing
21&62:080:251 Introduction to Painting
21&62:082:101 Introduction to Art History I
21&62:082:102 Introduction to Art History II

Area of specialization (12 credits)

Art history (9 credits)
One art history course at the 200 level or above
21&62:082:350 Development of Modern Art
21&62:082:360 Art since 1945

Critical studies (3 credits)
21&62:080:285 Seminar in Contemporary Art I or
21&62:080:399 Seminar in Contemporary Design

Senior program (6 credits)
21&62:080:497 Senior Studio Seminar I and 21&62: 080:498 Senior Studio Seminar II; or 21&62:082:497 Senior Seminar in Art History I and 21&62:082:498 Senior Seminar in Art History II

Courses to complete the area of specialization requirement may be selected from the following course offerings in consultation with an adviser:

21&62:080:231, 232, 331, 332 Graphic De...  [ Read All ]