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One hundred sixty-one years. Sixteen decades of serious scholarship. Over a century and a half spent preparing students to make a difference. Since 1846, the mark of a Taylor education has been to enlighten the mind and ignite the soul. Inscribed on the University seal is the motto "Lux et Fides" – light and faith, a standing testament of Taylor’s dedication to both ideals.

On this page we want to introduce you to Taylor University – to capture the richness of our history and the foundation on which we are building our future. Spend a few minutes on our campus (or our website) and you can’t help but notice our passion for community.

However, dig a little deeper and you find more than our 250 acres and buildings where people reside and study . . . you find an intentional community. As a whole, we are people who choose to live and to covenant together; resolving to wade into the messiness and capture the joy of real relationships. Relationships based on more than common interest or common rules, but on the common One. It's who we've been, who we are and who we will remain. Bec... [ Read All ]


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Our Aims

Taylor University is a Christ-centered educational institution, and an evangelical, interdenominational covenant community committed to advancing life-long learning and ministering the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to a world in need.


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Welcome to Taylor University's visual arts department. This Web site offers a brief overview of the possibilities of artistic study at Taylor University. The visual arts program at Taylor enables students to explore a large variety of studies in the realm of art from a Christian perspective and encourages critical thinking about how Christian faith is reflected in the visual arts.

Our contemporary world shares a common intellectual and physical culture that is significantly determined by the creative results of visual arts. Whether through the physical environment, information media, entertainment or consumable products, the visual and design arts influence our beliefs, choices and actions with increasing sophistication. The Taylor University art department, in conjunction with the broader liberal arts community, sees its purpose as the training of Christian professionals who are adept at reading this visual environment, and engaging it creatively and redemptively.


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Information For  Undergraduates

The visual arts department offers the following programs leading to either a major or a minor degree. Click on the specific program to obtain more information on the program's details and to see a typical curriculum guide

The visual arts major programs at Taylor University provide the option of preparation for one of two broad career directions. One is to provide undergraduate art majors with strong foundational skills that will prepare them, technically and intellectually, for success in graduate or advanced professional programs in the fine arts or design professions. A second is to provide teacher training in art education for the primary, middle and secondary school levels.

Bachelor of Arts in Art
Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts - New Media
Bachelor of Science in Art/Systems
Bachelor of Science in Art Education
Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts - New Media/Systems
Minor in Graphic Design
Minor in Studio Art
Minor in Visual Arts - New Media


Information For  International Students



The Office of Alumni Relations exists to support the mission and purposes of Taylor University. Realizing alumni are the only enduring and permanent constituency of the University, the alumni office endeavors to increase the level of communication, to encourage continued involvement, and to promote positive lifelong relationships between Taylor alumni and their alma mater.


Student Facilities

The Modelle Metcalf Visual Arts Center opened in February 2003. The 38,000-square-foot center provides specialized art studio and classroom space, state-of-the-art computer graphic arts lab and audio-visual classrooms, and a secure gallery adjacent to the Mitchell Theatre. The Tyndale Galleria provides space for students to display creative work.

This new building features dedicated spaces specifically designed and outfitted for instruction in painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, metals, photography, drawing and graphics. In addition, an outdoor sculpture garden is planned to enhance the campus on the north side of the building.

Along with the Zondervan Library, the entire fine arts complex occupies the center of the Upland campus, signifying Taylor University's commitment to the fine arts as a central component of a Christian liberal arts college.


Student Support

Taylor has many offices and departments whose primary goal is to assist you -- the student. From helping you obtain financial aid to assisting in registration for classes, these departments want to help you succeed at Taylor.


Student Life

Student Life at Taylor is all about you ... and your friends ... and the other people in your residence hall ... and your leadership involvement ... and your community service ... and events on campus ... and ... Really, student life is about all the different areas on campus and the ways you get involved.

Students at Taylor stay very active in campus organizations, community leadership, outreach ministries, study abroad programs and many other ways. You will soon find that being a Taylor student is about more than attending class. It is a life of integrating the tough intellectual lessons of the academic curriculum with real life issues and challenges.

Taylor students demonstrate who they are through their involvement in campus events, activities and leadership. They know that what they learn in the classroom applies to the lessons learned through everyday experiences. A special camaraderie develops through collaboration on leadership events -- a sense of trust and friendship that encourages and challenges at the same time.

Student life at Taylor gives you the chance to learn outside the classroom. The biblical concept ...  [ Read All ]


Residence life at Taylor is much more than a cluster of campus buildings that house students. Although the residence halls offer a variety of living options and each carries its own flavor, the halls themselves are only the rich soil into which the seeds of personal and spiritual maturity can take root and grow. This is why all of our students live on campus for a majority of their years at Taylor.


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