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The idea of establishing an art academy in Prague first emerged during the High Baroque when, in 1709 – 11, a group of Prague’s artists strove in vain to start the school. It was, however, not until the end of the century when, under the prevailing atmosphere of enlightened support of art and education in 1796 that the Society of Patriotic Friends of Art was constituted. They first founded the Picture Gallery with the School of Copyists (from which The National Gallery developed later on), and shortly thereafter The Drawing Academy. This institution was established by Imperial Decree, issued on the 10th of September 1799. It then started its activities in 1800, making it the oldest art school in the Czech lands. Soon after, the School of Landscape Painting and The Printmaking Workshop were added, extending the scope of instruction at the Academy. During the second half of the century, lectures in humanities and, temporarily, even training in architecture, enriched the course of studies on offer. A crucial reform of the Academy was undertaken thanks to Julius Mařák who enlarged the teaching staff with personalities such as ... [ Read All ]


Czech Republic

U Akademie 4
170 22 Praha 7
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Our Aims

To educate and support free art.  

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Master's Degree - Fulltime Program

Core Study Program: Fine Arts
Field of Study: Painting
Field of Study: Drawing and Printmaking
Field of Study: Sculpture
Field of Study: Intermedia Studies
Field of Study: of New Media
Field of Study: Restoration of Artworks
Field of Study: Architecture

Postgraduate Program - Part-time
Core Study program: Fine Arts
Fields of study: Fine Arts
Fields of study: Restoration
Fields of study: Architecture


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