The Royal Academy Schools

The Royal Academy Schools are a small independent establishment which offers the only three-year full-time postgraduate course in Britain. This is a school with traditionally a strong sense of community and its own identity, the oldest art school, that has developed continuously since its foundation in 1768 and is admired throughout the world as a centre of excellence.

No fees are charged and we make every effort to support students with bursaries, awards and grants for materials, albeit at a quite modest level. Many students need to take some part-time work - often in the Royal Academy itself – to offset the high cost of living and studying in London.

This is a school like no other and there is a very great pressure for places without doubt here but the advantages for the right individuals are vast. Its history, illustrious alumni, its location, the proximity to the Royal Academy’s programme of exhibitions of international standing and the closeness of numerous commercial art galleries make it a very agreeable and stimulating environment in which to study.

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United Kingdom

Burlington Gardens
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Our Aims

Students are often unable to continue in art education because of financial considerations. The Schools are one of the few centres of postgraduate education where students are selected solely upon their artistic merit and where exceptionally talented students are supported, freeing them of financial restraints.

The length of the course reflects the teaching structure of the Schools and allows us to adopt a different pace from other colleges. In discussions with other postgraduate centres, the importance of maintaining a three-year course of study has been consistently reaffirmed.,36,AR.html

Location and Getting there

The Royal Academy Schools are situated in Burlington Gardens adjoining Cork Street and Bond Street amid a concentration of commercial galleries. The central West End location of the Schools offers students a vibrant and exciting atmosphere in which to study. Every student at the Schools receives a digital identity card that allows free admission to the world-famous exhibitions programme of the Royal Academy.,64,AR.html  

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Information For  Postgraduates

We aim to underpin each student's understanding of their practice and the complexities of the context in which they seek to operate. Teaching responds to individual needs and is critical and supportive: no prevailing ideology is taught within the Schools. The Year Tutors are responsible for the individual development of each student.

In the first year, students give a slide presentation of their past work, supplemented by current studio activity. This enables the year group to establish their thinking and to develop a basic understanding of the positions adopted by other students. It is expected that students will encounter criticism as well as praise from their peers.

Teaching is organised by the Year Tutors and supplemented by visiting tutors who represent a diverse range of contemporary practitioners and academics. Throughout the course, students are required to attend the lecture programme and group seminars, in addition to one-to-one tutorials. Preparing for and mounting exhibitions of their work is also an important part of the students' evolution as practicing artists. Students mount two exhibitions of their work - an i...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

The Schools attract a broad range of applicants from national and international art schools. During the initial stages of selection we seek to identify a wide range of students to interview. Not only must students be well above average in ability, but more importantly, their work must demonstrate the potential for future development. At interview, students are invited to expand upon the themes and ideas which underline their work, as well as outline their proposed use of a three-year tenure in the Schools. We look for students who can clearly articulate their ideas and concerns, and who demonstrate an overall commitment to the visual arts.,37,AR.html  


The RA Schools Alumni Association exists for past students of the RA Schools. At present, it has over 600 members and is an active body providing many benefits.,40,AR.html  

Student Facilities

The Schools form an integral part of the Royal Academy and feature purpose-built studios with excellent natural light. The studios are organised to allow as much flexibility as possible.The Schools workshops are well equipped and specialist equipment can be arranged for individual requirements. Technical expertise and advice are available from the Head of Workshop.,69,AR.html  

How To Apply

To obtain an Application form please telephone 020 7300 5857 or fax 020 7300 5856 or e-mail,  

Visit us (open days)

Prospective students are welcome to visit the Schools.

Dates for visits

Wednesday 7 November 2007
Wednesday 14 November 2007
Wednesday 21 November 2007
Wednesday 28 November 2007
Wednesday 5 December 2007

Visits start at 2pm. Larger group are requested to arrange their visit through the Schools Administrator.

Contact details for further information
Telephone +44 (0)20 7300 5920

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