UCE Birmingham

UCE Birmingham is a large, diverse, historic provider of higher and further education for the people of Birmingham and beyond.
From our seven faculties and seven campuses, we at UCE Birmingham deliver over 300 courses to more than 23,000 students. Our catchment area extends from inner Birmingham to the Far East and the United States. Local, regional, national and international partners play a key role in much of our work. In pursuing our historic aim of providing an inclusive education for employable graduates, we work with organisations in the private and public sectors to ensure the highest possible standards of delivery.
Our roots go back to 1843 with the founding of the Polytechnic Institute and the Birmingham School of Design. Over the next hundred years Schools of Jewellery, Music, Commerce, Art, Education, Architecture, Physical Education and Technology sprang up and were re-established in and around the city. In 1971 those Schools joined to form the new City of Birmingham Polytechnic, which in 1989 was established as an independent corporation with exempt charitable status. University status was conferred in ... [ Read All ]


United Kingdom

BIAD, Costa Green, Corporation Street
B4 7DX
Phone: 0121 331 5800/01
Fax: 0121 331 7814
Website: http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk or http://www.uce.ac.uk/

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Our Aims

We serve a diverse range of students and aim to give them all a learning experience of the highest quality. How? By

• encouraging and rewarding excellence in teaching
• investing in new technologies that enhance learning
• running flexible programmes that seek to maximise progression and retention
• developing support for students that matches their values, experiences, expectations and specific learning needs
• embedding employers' needs in our programmes ensuring the continuing quality of our programmes
• offering opportunities for lifelong learning to all our students.

Location and Getting there

The main university campus at Perry Barr is situated three miles north of the city centre. Click here for a map of Perry Barr campus http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk/site/contact/Pbarrmap.PDF

Bournville Centre for Visual Arts is situated in the Bournville Conservation area, four miles to the south of the city centre. Click here for a map of Bournville campus http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk/site/contact/Bournmap.PDF

The Gosta Green campus for design and visual communication is just five minutes walk from the city centre, close to the innovative Learning Quarter of Eastside. Click here for a map of Gosta Green campus

The School of Art in Margaret Street first is situated in the city centre, within Birmingham's gallery and museum district. Click here for a map of Margaret Street campus http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk/site/contact/Margmap.PDF

The award-winning School of Jewellery, in Vittoria Street, is situated at the heart of Birmingham's unique Jewellery Quarter. Click here for map of Vittoria Street campus http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk/site/contact/Vittmap.PDF

Department and information about the department

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) is one of the foremost centres for art, design and media education in the United Kingdom. We are proud of a tradition of arts education that dates back to the foundation of the Birmingham School of Design in 1843.

BIAD offers a portfolio of preparatory certificates and diplomas that provide direct progression onto our comprehensive undergraduate programme.

We have an exciting and well-established range of vocationally relevant postgraduate courses that regularly attracts a learning community of over 450 students.

The creative industries play an important role today in the cultural and economic life of the country. Our graduates have an excellent record of achievement, and we believe that we provide them with the skills and knowledge relevant to contemporary creative practice.

Our courses are underpinned by strong industry links, and an impressive research and development programme.

The university has invested strategically in accommodation for art, design and media. This has included a new School of Jewellery, situated in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, and complete r...  [ Read All ]

Degree Shows
  • Department of Fashion, Textiles and Three-Dimensional Design (21-06-2007)

  • Department of Media and Communication (21-06-2007)

  • Department of Visual Communication (21-06-2007)

  • School of Architecture (21-06-2007)

  • Bournville Centre for Visual Arts (19-06-2007)

  • Department of Art (16-06-2007)

  • School of Jewellery (14-06-2007)

  • News and Events


    Information For  Undergraduates

    UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design offers a wide range of courses to suit all professional ambitions for a career in art, design or media.

    The courses provide an excellent foundation for further study, either on one of our many postgraduate courses, or for a teaching qualification.

    Undergraduate Courses List: http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk/site/courses/undgrad.htm

    International Admissions Office
    Corporation Street,
    Gosta Green
    B4 7DX
    T: 0121 331 5802
    Email: pauline.burke@uce.ac.uk

    Departments also located at Gosta Green:

    Department of Fashion, Textiles & Three Dimensional Design
    T: 0121 331 5820 / F: 0121 331 5821

    Department of Visual Communication
    T: 0121 331 5830 / F: 0121 333 6020

    School of Theoretical & Historical Studies
    T: 0121 331 5880 / F: 0121 331 7804

    School of Jewellery
    Vittoria Street
    B1 3PA
    T: 0121 331 5940 / F: 0121 331 5943
    Email: jewellery@students.uce.ac.uk

    Department of Art
    Margaret St
    B3 3BX
    T: 0121 331 5970 / F: 0121 331 6970
    Email: art@students.uce.ac.uk

    Bournville Centre for...  [ Read All ]

    Information For  Postgraduates

    All UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design postgraduate courses involve students in innovative research and vocationally valuable experience. They also act as an entry point to doctoral research. We are recognised nationally for our record in research.


    Information For  International Students

    UCE Birmingham has evolved in the course of over 150 years from its origins in a local community college to its current status as a major provider of higher education to students from across the globe. UCE Birmingham is one of the UK's largest universities, with some 25,000 students and seven teaching sites in and around the city of Birmingham. At the heart of UCE Birmingham lies a commitment to diversity in education and creativity in the learning experience. We are proud to combine the virtues of a traditional British education in core subjects and skills with a spirit of innovation that embraces the challenges of modern life in a global society.
    This is why the student body at UCE Birmingham is so diverse. Students of all nationalities and ages, and from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, come to UCE Birmingham, and each year an increasing number of those students come from non-European Union countries. At present we have students from over 80 countries outside the EU, with significant numbers from the Far East, Africa and the Indian sub-continent. We believe that every student makes an important contribution to the academic...  [ Read All ]

    Student Facilities

    While you study at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design you will be actively encouraged to engage in Live Projects, visit museums, galleries and exhibitions, enter national and international competitions and go on study trips overseas.

    The UCE Birmingham Students' Union offers a wide variety of student friendly services including sporting, social and special interest activities, support, advice and information on just about any issue, and represents your interests throughout the University and beyond.

    You are entitled to free automatic membership of the Union, and every member has a say in how the Union is run.

    The Union runs a convenience shop at the Westbourne campus, and owns one Arts Shop located at Gosta Green. These stock a range of art supplies at discounted costs.
    The Union currently operates six venues. Knights has recently opened at the Perry Barr campus and includes a brand new floor at the Union Building, offering services such as a hairdresser, optician, travel services and a large convenience store. Knights includes a new coffee bar serving freshly ground coffee and freshly baked pastries.

    The Union's ...  [ Read All ]

    Student Life

    Being a student in Birmingham

    When you come to Birmingham, prepare to be surprised. The City has enjoyed a renaissance in the last few years arising from the renovation of its historic areas and the creation of many new developments such as the world renowned International Convention Centre and the National Indoor Arena. Birmingham became a focus for the world's eyes when it hosted the 1998 G8 Summit of world leaders, and on a slightly lighter note, the Eurovision Song Contest!

    One of the jewels in Birmingham's crown must be the canalside area in the heart of the city. Known as Brindleyplace, it has a wide variety of bars and restaurants, as well as modern office spaces, hotels, the new Crescent Theatre, and the newly opened National Sea Life Centre. The area has gained international recognition with a recent 'Excellence on the Waterfront' award.

    These bold new developments help to make Birmingham a city of exciting contrasts, since, although it is a modern city, it is equally proud of its history and heritage. The city's Jacobean roots and Regency elegance are still evident in the architecture of its buildings, all adding ...  [ Read All ]


    The University offers accommodation in Halls of Residence at various locations throughout Birmingham. All Halls are offered at a minimum forty-week contract. In addition, the University can provide details of accommodation in the private sector. For students with special needs we have accessible purpose-built units at some of the Halls of Residence, and further information is available on request. The range of accommodation offered includes catered, en-suite, and units suitable for postgraduates and for students with small families.

    A place in Halls of Residence is guaranteed for full-time students who hold a Conditional Firm or Unconditional Firm offer by 31st May and who live at a distance from the University which precludes travelling.

    It is not possible to guarantee a room at your preferred residence, and priority for on-campus accommodation is normally given to students whose courses are based on the campus in question. Full-time students who live within the greater Birmingham area may similarly receive an offer of accommodation, if sufficient rooms are available.

    Once you have received your offer of a place, you wil...  [ Read All ]

    How To Apply

    The application procedure for students wishing to study at BIAD varies according to the level of the course.

    Visit http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk/site/courses/apply.htm for further information on how to apply.

    Visit us (open days)

    UCE Birmingham will be holding Open Days on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 June 2007. All of the sites at BIAD will be open for prospective students to meet with staff and view the facilities on offer.

    You can register and find more information here http://www.uce.ac.uk/web2/opendays/index.html

    The new dates for BIAD's Open Days will be posted shortly, you can check http://www.biad.uce.ac.uk/site/open.htm for updates.  

    Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)

    The University operates an advice centre to provide assistance and information on all courses.

    For further details visit UCE Birmingham Choices. (http://www.ucechoices.com/)

    Alternatively call or e-mail UCE Birmingham Choices:

    Tel: 0121 331 5595
    Email: info@ucechoices.com

    Request a prospectus
    If you would like to request a prospectus please visit http://www.ucechoices.com/ or call on the number above.