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From a strong central core in the traditional practices of making and interpreting art, the faculty and students at UNC move out in innovative and personal directions. As a department, we are small enough to work closely with our students and to guide them in developing an individual voice, and diverse enough to offer a variety of choices in materials and methods. We cultivate exchange between the studio art and art history areas and offer maximum flexibility within our individual programs. We invite our studio art students to work in different media and across the various disciplines. We encourage art history students to develop connections with other fields of inquiry and to intertwine historical analysis with theoretical speculation.

UNC at Chapel Hill is located in a progressive, forward thinking area of the Southeast, with an active cultural and intellectual life.

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Department and information about the department

The program in Studio Art at UNC-Chapel Hill encourages the development of technical skills and a personal creative vision. Through study of the visual arts, students learn how to find creative solutions to problems and how to express their individuality. Studio Art majors are also encouraged to become critically aware and dedicated to their passion for art-making. Through their course work, students develop a sense of their future career potential and of professional standards in the visual arts.

The Studio Art faculty emphasize craftsmanship and the acquisition of the technical skills students will need to express their visual ideas. The faculty also encourages students to take advantage of the many resources offered by UNC-Chapel Hill as they cultivate their intellectual curiosity and develop a broad base of knowledge to inform their work.

The Studio Art program comprises one half of the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Art and enjoys the collaboration of an art history faculty with a rich array of research interests. Members of the art history faculty frequently serve on M.F.A. thesis committees, and two members of the art h...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

Jaroslav Folda (10) Crusader and European Medieval Art

Elizabeth Grabowski (68) Printmaking, Painting, Drawing

Jim Hirschfield (82) Sculpture

Carol Mavor (94) Critical Theory, Modern Art

Yun-Dong Nam (128) Ceramic Sculpture

Mary Sheriff (56) Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Art, Gender Studies

elin o'Hara slavick (118) Mixed Media

Mary Sturgeon (31) Ancient Art, Archaeology

Dennis Zaborowski (15) Painting, Drawing

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Associate Professors
Pika Ghosh (144) South Asian Art

Michael D. Harris (131) African, African American Art

Juan Logan (155) Painting, Mixed Media

Mary Pardo (67) Italian Renaissance

Dorothy Verkerk (123) Late Antique, Celtic, Early Medieval

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Assistant Professors
Glaire Anderson (170) Islamic Art

Carol Magee (168) African, African American, American Art

Kimowan McLain (152) Mixed Media

Jeff Whetstone (154) Photography

Lyneise Williams (169) African, African American, American Art

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Susan Harbage Page (165) Photography

Adjunct Professor
Timothy Riggs (65) Sixteenth-, Nineteent...  [ Read All ]

News and Events

Upcoming Events:
03/19/2007 - 04/19/2007
Fazal Sheikh Exhibition

04/13/2007 - 05/13/2007
New Currents in Contemporary Art - MFA Exhibition

04/23/2007 - 05/14/2007
Undergraduate Honor Students' Exhibition

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Information For  Undergraduates

The program in studio art at UNC-Chapel Hill focuses on fine arts. Students may choose from a range of studio course work designed to develop both skill acquisition and a personal creative vision.
The program in studio art at UNC-Chapel Hill focuses on fine arts. Students may choose from a range of studio course work designed to develop both skill acquisition and a personal creative vision. For the non-major, study in studio art goes beyond art appreciation. Whatever discipline students eventually choose to pursue, whether the arts, humanities or sciences, medicine or law, success will depend on two abilities: the ability to find creative solutions to problems and the ability to express individuality. Art, by its very nature, gives these skills to those who study the discipline. We have the opportunity to provide all students, regardless of major, the keys to success. We develop two critical skills: the means of self-expression and techniques for creative thinking. Our added responsibility to the studio art major is to develop a sense of professional standards and future career potential. While the undergraduate program focuses on...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

For those considering professional careers as art historians (teaching and research), critics, or museum or gallery professionals, the Department of Art offers graduate work leading to the degrees of master of arts and doctor of philosophy. Those who aim to become professional artists should take the degree of master of fine arts. The Hanes Art Center provides exhibition galleries, a departmental library, a visual resources library, offices, study areas, classrooms, and studios. Additional studios and shops are located in the Art Laboratory building on Airport Drive, one mile from campus. The Joseph C. Sloane Art Library has a collection of nearly 100,000 volumes and is supplemented by the University's Academic Affairs libraries, with holdings of over 5,000,000 volumes. The Sloane Art Library collection provides computer terminals for catalogs and houses the reserve holdings for Art Department courses. Graduate students have access to the departmental visual resources library, which has current holdings of 225,000 slides, 15,750 digital images, and 40,000 photographs.


Student Facilities

The facilities include an Art center, studios, printmaking, photography, electronic media studio, art lab, an art library and a visual resources library.  

Student Support

The Department of Art supports a variety of programs that provide vital conduits for all students to see the work of and interact with a large and diverse number of professional artists. These programs demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a strong and viable program with effective links between all members and components of our department.


Student Life

GASA is the graduate student association of the UNC-CH Department of Art. All graduate students in the Department of Art-both art history students and M.F.A. students-are encouraged to participate in GASA planning and events. GASA is run by graduate student-elected officers whose responsibilities include organizing scholarly talks, art events, and social activities for graduate students. GASA officers also distribute professional information to graduate students and serve as liaisons between the art graduate students and the faculty.

The GASA officers store and display GASA information in the graduate student lounge (on the second floor of the Hanes Art Center) and update students on GASA business through the Department of Art graduate student listserv. GASA members discuss relevant business at two open GASA meetings each semester, though more meetings may be scheduled if necessary to address particular issues.
GASA Officers
Any Department of Art student (art history or M.F.A.) in at least her/his second year in the program may serve as a GASA officer. Officers are elected in the spring semester for the following academic year...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

Deadline for applications for consideration for Graduate School fellowships and assistantships is January 1. Graduate School application may be submitted via the online application for admission (https://admprosapp2.admissions.unc.edu/grad/DEFAULT.ASP). This user-friendly, online application is faster and easier than completing a paper application and provides for the prompt receipt and distribution of application information. Individuals with special needs or Internet access problems may obtain a paper application at gradschool.unc.edu/applicant_dom.html#app (see last paragraph under Mailing Instructions) or by phoning (919) 966-2612