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The Universidad Iberoamericana is a private institution based on Christian ethos.
The UIA at Mexico city counts with 31,000 students and 19 academic departments. Its high academic standard gave it a recognition place as being one of the most respectable Universities in Mexico.



Edificio J, Nivel 1
Phone: 0052(55)5950-4032

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Our Aims

Th educational project of the UIA is based on Jeasus and its mision is to contribuite, in a resonable atmosphere of participation, to the openess, to the freedon and respect and with constructive critic to the development and promotion of knowledge.
The UIA forms professional capable of posses human and academic qualities. That will commit themselves to help others in order to make a more free, productive, fair and solidare society.  

Department and information about the department

The Department of art was created in 1953 by Dr Felipe Pardinas with the need of promoting the production of plastic arts in Mexico.
Today, the department of arts organizes in its headquaters importants academic events. That transcend nationally e internationally. In the last year we have been the host for the international Seminar of Contemporanean Art, coorganized in conjunction with the Vaxjo Universitat(Sweeden) University Vaxjo of Sweeden .And with the inminent introduction to the Master in Museums, we organized the "international Seminar of Museums" with the participations of many international curators from different countries such Colombia, Brazil, USSA and Mexico.
At present the art department awaits acreditation from the National Association of Art and Design which will allow contact with other universities acepted by this entity such as: Canada and USA. The UIA will be the first Latin American University to obtain this recognition.  

Academic Staff and Description

Director of the Department of Art:

Dr Francisco Lopez Ruiz

Dra. Olga Ma. Rodriguez Bolufe

Our team of academic staff follows the right balance between high teaching standard combine with research, investigation and cultural management.
We offer a rich academic programme:
BA and Masters in History of Art
-Master in Museums

News and Events

Exhibition: "sujeto a cambio"
a reflexion on the perceptual construction of cotidiane contemporanean art.
"The construction of the meaning of cultural objects"  

Information For  Undergraduates

The BA History of Art analizes the artistic fenomena within its context, with the aim to promote art and cultural heritage in our country.  

Information For  Postgraduates

The Master History of Art has the aim to promote the sudy of the artistic fenomena under a wide interdisciplinarian perspective. This master prepares the student in the field of "arte novohispano" (new-hispanic art)and Mexican art of the XIX and XX century.  

Information For  International Students

The Department of Art at UIA has establised a strong liaison with other international institutions to students with a fresh alternative of development, researching and professional growth.