Universidad Manuela Beltran-Cinema

Our aim is to form professionals of high calibre capable of creating a deep artistic expression.
The faculty of Arts at the UMB is a school with a clear humanistic conception, conformed of social conscious people that would contribuite to cultural and artistic endeveours.



Av. Circunvalar No 60-00
Phone: 01 8000 931 919
Website: http://umb.umb.edu.co/aca

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Department and information about the department

The disciplinary and interdisciplinariy work of the faculty of Arts at the University Manuela Beltrand consist of the consolidation of academiscs and administrative norms.
We work together to develope technical and scientific programmes and we constantly organize cultural and artistic activities that would benefit the comunity.
The department of Film and Tv production forms students into the area of:
-scipt writer
-Excecutive Producer
-Photography and Film Director
-Sound Director
-animation Director  

Academic Staff and Description

The Faculty of Arts at UMB gives the posibility of a permanent exchange of knowledge with regards to the arts and human science.  

Student Facilities

We provide our students laboratory-workshop "El taller" well equipted with cinematographic image and digital video.