Universidad Mayor De San Andres-Faculty Of Architecture, Arts, Design And Town Planing

The Department of Architecture, from the Faculty of Architecture and Arts in La Paz-Bolivia, was created in 1942 as a Department of Faculty of Engineering having as a Dean Emilio Villanueva. In an Annual System, the first graduated were “Engineer-Architects”.

Annual system

In 1955, it gained its independence as Faculty and it proposed a more appropriate curriculum that included Socioeconomics and Design subjects. Later on, the Department of Plastic Arts was created within an Annual System.

In 1968, the Pensum was changed creating a great number of optional subjects, introducing semester system and passing based on the required subjects. The Urbanism Area was enriched with several subjects and new contents. The name of the Faculty changed from Faculty of Architecture to Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism.

In 1969, the University Revolution came up with an attempt to use a new pedagogical model with the contribution of many people, such as the architect LisĂ­maco Gutierrez, who had lived the 10 years of the Cuban revolution. The vertical cross-subjects workshop was in... [ Read All ]

La Paz


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