Universidad De Cristobal Colon-Licenciatura De Diseno Grafico

The Universidad Cristobal Colon was founded in 1944 based on the teachings of San Jose de Calasanz, whose concepts and way of thinking are consider essential for the education system today.
The university has been through many changes throught the years and since 2005 we offer degrees in administration, technology , acountancy and law.
We continue our work de "educar para servir" "teach to serve" and after sixty years of teaching we continue the legacy of San jose de Calasanz.



Carretera La Boticaria s/n
Phone: (229)923-2967
Website: http://www.ver.ucc.mx/lic

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Our Aims

Our aims it to form professionals by given the knowledge, habilities and values to allow them configurate and evaluate different aspects of the language audiovisual to be able to create messages and graphical concepts from and for culture.  

Department and information about the department

The BA Graphic design of the Universidad cristobal Colon is based on a humanistic-Cristian education. Therefore our graduats would develop a caracteristic sensibilty and a commitment to society in special with the groups in need.  

Academic Staff and Description

Plan de estudios
RVOE SEP Actualizado en abril de 2001. Primer semestre
Segundo semestre

_Dise√Īo b√°sico I
_Geometría I
_Dibujo artístico y creativo I
_Técnicas de representación
_Metodología de investigación
_Arte y dise√Īo I
_Dise√Īo b√°sico II
_Geometría II
_Dibujo artístico y creativo II
_Técnicas de representación II
_Expresión escrita
_Teor√≠a del dise√Īo
_Arte y dise√Īo II

Tercer semestre
Cuarto semestre

_Taller de dise√Īo I
_Dise√Īo tridimensional b√°sico
_Dibujo para el dise√Īo
_Taller de serigrafía
_Fotografía básica
_Arte en México
_Seminario de introducción al problema humano
_Taller de dise√Īo II
_Dise√Īo de plegables y display
_Taller de grabado para el dise√Īo
_Ilustración digital
_Fotograf√≠a para el dise√Īo
_Métodos de investigación
_Arte y dise√Īo en M√©xico
_Seminario de la realidad social mexicana

Quinto semestre
Sexto semestre

_Taller de dise√Īo III
_Dise√Īo de empaque y embalaje
_Sistemas de reproducción
_Dise√Īo editorial digital
_Lenguaje cinematogr√°fico
_Técnicas de investigación
_Mercadotecnia y sus procesos
_Seminario ...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Undergraduates

Being able to analyze and synthetize information.
Being able tot visualize objects to represent them graphically in a tridimensional space.
To be interested in drawing.
Being able to develop creative work .
Kind interest in the craft by means of using different tools, materials, form and design.  

Student Facilities

The University counts with Computer rooms, a comprehensive library and auditoriums  

How To Apply

The conditions for applying are:
Knowledge of the theory of graphic design
Tecnics of graphic design
Development areas in the field of graphic design
Being able to create messages that would respond to different needs.
Technical precedures for the elaboration of visual and audiovisual products.  

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