Universidad De Malaga, Facultad De Bella

The University of Malaga is a relatively new university in contrast to many of its ancient counterparts in Spain. It dates back to the 1960´s and was formed due to the large social demand made by the citizens of the city. The protagonists that fought for the foundation of this university were important members of the city who were intent on forming a centre for higher education here. These members have been collectively named as the Association of the Friends of the University of Malaga, the University of Malaga itself was finally established in 1968 by a decree that confirmed its establishment on August 18, 1972.

At first the University was only comprised of the Faculty of Economic Science and Business. There have added the Faculty of Humanities, Sciences, Engineers, Journalism, Computer science, etc. But in 2005 they have added the Faculty of Fine Arts, and Architecture.

Today, only 25 years after it was established, the university has become the cultural centre of the city because it supports the technological development and research that is necessary to bring Malaga into the 21st century. The un... [ Read All ]



BBAA, Severo Ochoa, Teatinos Campus,
Phone: +34 952 13 7396
Fax: +34 952 13 7396
Website: http://internacional.univ

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Our Aims

The Faculty have got three lines of work: Fine Arts, Design and New Technologies. The education offered is diverse with courses in the most innovative and the very latest techniques as well as instruction
the traditional methods
The faculty has about 150 students, because is our second year of the academic life. The Universitiy has got a five-year Master's program in Fine Arts and one of New Media will be offered soon.


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Location and Getting there

Malaga is situated in southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol. To the west is Cadiz and east is Granada. The university has two Campuses which are near the centre and are known as the El Ejido Campus and the Teatinos Campus. In this Campus is temporary situate our Faculty at the Severo Ochoa building but in the future it will be in the centre of City, nearly the beach and the Cathedral.

AIR: Malaga has the busiest International airport in the south of Spain because it serves all of the main tourist centres in the south. Therefore, you will find no shortage of flights to a wide range of destinations. It also has a brilliant charter flight service that is very useful for foreign students.

RENFE: Málaga train station is situated in Explanada de la Estación, s/n and has many connections with Spain and has a Talgo fast train service to Madrid that takes about 3-and-a-half hours. You can get a train direct from the airport to many other destinations in the south. For more information, view the RENFE information.

AUTOBUS: The bus station is located near the centre of town, next to the Train Station and local buses and buses leave f...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

Director: Carmen Osuna
Painting: Salvador Haro / Carlos Miranda
Sculpture: Jesús Marín, Rafael Salvatierra
Electronic Art: Blanca Montalvo, Ignacio Rejano
Desing: Sebastián García, José Mª Alonso, Carmen López, Cristina Pastor, Rocío Sacristán, Sergio García, Rosa Mérida, José Luis Pérez, Miguel Ángel Marín

News and Events

Students just finish a original architectonic project with a Santiago Cirugeda, a famous architector. It consist in a open space for students free works.  

Information For  Undergraduates

The normal grade in the faculty has for course with 300 total credits: 144 main subjets (Desing, Painting and Sculpture), 45 obligatory subjets (New Tecnologies), 81 optional subjets and 30 free subjet.

Information For  Postgraduates

Spanish universities offer an interesting selection of Postgraduate degrees (including Masters, Specialist and Expert courses, among others). There is a great selection of own programmes available at each university, covering all areas of knowledge and addressed to both Spanish and international students.

The adjustment to the European Higher Education Area will result in changes to Postgraduate courses, which will now be divided into Masters degrees and Doctorates. Spanish Universities have already embarked on this adaptation process and are offering new Official Postgraduate Programmes (OPP), aimed at both Spanish and international students.

If you wish to see the Postgraduate courses on offer at Spanish universities, you can search by institution in charge or area of knowledge or perform a guided search.


Information For  International Students

The International Office is available for problems or questions that students may have concerning their stay in Malága. They provide support in areas such as accommodationd, work and study.

International Office

Universidad de Malaga,
Research and Development Building, 2nd floor
Teatinos Campus,
E-29071 Malaga
Tel.: +34 952 13 25 41/41 44/29 72/32 03
Fax: +34 952 13 29 71

E-mail: relint@uma.es

Student Life

The student can choose assist in the morning or afternoon. They have time to visit exhibitions, museums, for example Picasso museum, CACMA Centre of Modern Art, or enjoy the beach  


The University of Málaga offers several housing types available for students, who are informed through the Oficina de alojamiento.

The apartments in the university are centrally located near all of the necessary amenities. They have 24-hour security and a cleaning service that visits twice a week. The cost of accommodations is relative to the size of the room and the location. Students must bear in mind that they have to provide their own linen and pay for extra expenses, such as water and electricity bills.
To obtain more information on international students, contact the International Office.


How To Apply

E-mail: relint@uma.es  

Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)

E-mail: decbba@uma.es