Universidad De Murcia, Facultad De Bellas Artes

Although its origins date back to the thirteenth century, the University of Murcia as we know it was founded in 1915, which makes it the tenth oldest university in Spain.

As the University of Murcia approaches its centenary it is complementing its history and tradition with the latest installations. Its complete approach to education involves the students and commits them to their social environment.

Throughout the centuries the university institution has been characterised by a fundamental concept - that of universality.

Since the first European universities came into existence in medieval times, students and lecturers have moved freely from one to another. Today, with the huge advances in communications, this is, if possible, even more true.

Following the declarations of La Sorbonne and Bologna, the universities of Europe have set out on their irrevocable journey towards a common higher education area that will end with the arrival of the Europe of knowledge.

The University of Murcia has played an active role in this process from the very outset. The Univ... [ Read All ]



Campus Espinardo
Phone: 968 36 4248
Fax: 968 36 7858
Website: http://www.um.es/f-bellas

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Our Aims

The central aim of the University of Murcia as it begins the third millenium is the achievement of academic excellence. Towards this goal, the defining characteristics of the institution can be resumed by the following:

- A responsible university with an appropriate, practical and flexible academic programme

- Unwavering support for research and innovation

- A young, dynamic and forward institution which continues to grow. The spirit of innovation is one that should reign throughout the university

- A socially comitted university

- A modern and efficient university that applies the most advanced means of information in its activity

- An autonomous and open university dependent only on the creation and transmission of knowledge

- A university of international standing

Our aim, in summary, is to achieve a maximum level of institutional excellence.  

Location and Getting there

Campus Espinardo
30100 Murcia

Tel: 968 36 4248
Fax: 968 36 7858

Department and information about the department

The Department of Fine Arts (dependant on the Faculty of Fine Arts) is divided into three schools:


Information For  Undergraduates

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a BA Honours in Fine Arts which is divided into five year-long cycles. The basic, compulsory subjects are:

Year One -
Colour I
Basic Drawing
Theory and History of Art
Sculpture I

Year Two -
Colour II
Fundamentals of Form
Sculpture II
Theory of Art
Fundamentals of Painting
Sculptural Analysis

Year Three -
Systems of Analysis of Form and Representation
Introduction to Audiovisual Techniques

Year Four -
Ideas, Concept and Process in Artistic Creation
Art in the Modern World

Year Five -
Project I, Artistic Language
Project II, Techniques in Artistic Creation

As well as these subjects students are also given credit for subject-related work experience and further optional subjects. For a more detailed list of subjects and corresponding credits:


Information For  International Students

You can study at the university as an exchange student, but without receiving any academic degree, by means of:

-An international programme for a fixed period and only to study part of your course (Erasmus, ISEP etc. programmes) or

-Participating in a specific agreement between your centre of study and our University.

It is also possible to come as an independent student if your individual case fulfils one of the following requirements:

1.- You have carried out secondary school level studies in a foreign country following which you would like to begin studying at the University of Murcia.

It is then necessary to follow two steps:

-Have your qualification officially validated by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport:
C/ Alcal√°, 36
MADRID 28071
Tel: +34 91 701 8500
Fax: +34 91 506 5698/5706

-Pass the University entrance tests (PAAU)

This test is called "Selectividad", and is organised by the National Open University (UNED) http:// www.uned.es/selectividad/convalidables/index.htm...  [ Read All ]

Student Support

The Student Welfare Service (SAOP) seeks to respond to the psychological needs, academic performance issues, family problems, and legal questions affecting members of the university community. Further information at http://www.um.es/saop  

Student Life

The University is highly aware of the importance of culture at all levels. The aim of the Cultural Activities Service is to promote cultural activities for the University community and to promote the University's image in society through exhibitions, awards, shows, music performances and poetry recitals, plays, workshops, round table conferences, and debates. (http://www.um.es/scultura)  


Various types of accommodation are available. There are four private Halls of Residence, individual and double apartments in Espinardo (Apartamentos Campus) and the Colegio Mayor Azarbe. http://www.um.es/alumnos/alojamiento

An alternative accommodation service exists in which university students live with elderly people. This is organised in collaboration with the University and Murcia Council. http://www.um.es/suv/proyectos/convivencia.php

If, however, you come to the University of Murcia on an exchange student programme, the International Relations Office will help you find accommodation in rented flats, sharing with other students in the city via the Project ¨Live in Murcia¨. Rooms cost approximately 150 euros/month http://www.um.es/vimur

Finally, it should be taken into account that in addition to rent, students usually need around 300 euros per month to cover other costs, food, transport etc. Expenditure on study material (books, photocopies, notes) depends on the course and varies enormously, although it is also possible to buy second-hand books in the University Information Service (SIU).

How To Apply


Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)