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The University of Palermo was founded in 1986 with the aim to follow modern tendencies in higher education.
The idea was to create an institution where the student was the central focus point. Therefore flexible plans of studies were created to offer the oportunity to study degrees under the Modern University Academic Credit System.
In 1990 the University of Palermo was recognized by the Ministerio de Educacion and in 1991 its first lectures started.
The university of Palermo is a multidisciplinarian institution divided in six Faculties and several colleges. It develops continuesly research and publication programmes.
The University of Palermo is re-known nationally and internationaly having exchange programmes with other prestigious Universities in the world like Yale, Harvard and UNESCO.
At home UP has developed a rapport with different companies and specialized institutions to keep its teaching methods up-to-date and to offer its students the oportunity to insert themselves in the reality of their professions.
Today, is one of the most dynamic institutions of the private system and it m... [ Read All ]



Avenida Cordoba 3501
Phone: 005411-4964-4600
Website: www.palermo.edu

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Our Aims

The study of the art as a creative act, as activity and as a socio-culturel fenomenom can be tackled from different perspectives. it is studied by the aesthetic, its history and by its communication.
Our objective is to form professionals with a solid knowledge in their field. Integrated to an up-to-date vision and inserted in the realities of their careers.
Develop research programmes on contemporary art.  

Department and information about the department

The faculty of Art and social sciences at University of Palermo is caracterized for its flexible and innovative plan of study. Our interdisciplinarian focus and the strong interaction between students and lectures starts from the beginning. This caracteristic is potentialized by the short duration of our courses and by our teaching system.
As a modern academic institution, we look for to achieve the right balance between practice and theory on our degrees. But what it really differenciates our faculty from the others is our students, creative and dynamic. Motivated to access the world of humanities in many different ways and enhanced with the most advanced and up-to-date pedagogical methods.
Like many other modern universities in the world, we offer as well a Bachelor of Arts based on individual modules, that allows the student to integrate different disciplines from other faculties.
The freedom of choice to taylor make their own degrees motivates our students to a level of creative maturity.
Team work, debates, forums and training, they all form part of our teaching methodes to develop a critical thought that will motivate the ...  [ Read All ]

Academic Staff and Description

Head of Department:
Zingman Elsa, MBA, Med. S


Maria Cristina Ares, BA history of arts
Lecturer in Art critics, arts and museums

Bastistozzi, Ana Maria, BA History of Arts
Lecturer: history of musique

Maria Alba Bovisio, BA History of Arts
Lecture: Precolombie and LatinAmerican Art

Marie-Jo Cardinal, BA History of Arts
Lecture: Arts Trading

Cora Dukelsky, BA History of Art
Lecturer: Art

Lic Portela, Alejandra BA, Arts
Lecturer: History of Arts

Sanchez, Marta Alicia BA History of Arts
Lecturer: Medival Art

Vaccarezza, Maria de las Mercedes BA History of Arts
Lecturer: Arts

News and Events

English Romantisism: The case of William Blake

The forerunner artist of symbolism and surrealism shows the creative freedom of his inner world to be a pardigme from the writer that paints and the painter who writes.
Monday 7th May 14:00hs  

Information For  Undergraduates

Primer A√Īo
1er. Semestre
Historia de la Cultura y la Civilización
Seminario de Apreciación Artística
Arte Antiguo
Arte Medieval

2do. Semestre
Obras Maestras de la Literatura Universal
Sistemas Estéticos
Arte Europeo de los Siglos XVII y XVIII
Arte Renacentista

Segundo A√Īo

1er. Semestre
Métodos Cuantitativos
Estética Contemporánea
Arte Europeo del sigo XIX A
Arte Precolombino Americano

2do. Semestre
Estadística Aplicada a las Ciencias sociales
Seminario de Crítica de Arte
Arte Europeo del Siglo XIX B
Arte Colonial

Tercer A√Īo
1er. Semestre
Ciencias Económicas y Políticas
Electiva I
Arte de Asia, √Āfrica y Ocean√≠a
Arte Europeo del Siglo XX
Arte Latinoamericano

2do. Semestre
Electiva II
Electiva III
Historia del Pensamiento Musical
Arte Contempor√°neo
Arte Argentino I

Cuarto A√Īo
1er. Semestre
Electiva IV
Electiva V
Electiva VI
Mercado de Arte
Arte Argentino II

2do. Semestre
Electiva VII
Electiva VIII
Trabajo de Integración Final
Galerías y Museos
Artes Comparadas
Cursos de Inglés
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