Universidad De Vigo, Facultad De Bellas Artes De Pontevedra

The Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra was created in 1990 to meet the need in Galicia for an advanced centre of formation in Art. Its early days were marked by uncertainty in terms of space and materials but not for the enthusiasm nor passion for human enrichment that our staff and teachers employed.

The change of loction in 1994 to an emblematic building in a central part of the city was a sign of agreement and understanding between the city of Pontevedra and the Fine Arts department, which over recent years has become characteristic of the city.



Rúa Maestranza, 2
Phone: 986.80.18.06
Fax: 986.80.18.85
Website: http://webs.uvigo.es/bela

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Our Aims

Since its beginning the Faculty of Fine Arts has aimed to exceed expectations as an advanced centre for arts, giving students a quality education not only in artistic knowledge but also in their evolution as conscientious people, great creators with the ability to criticise and self-criticise, the value to not limit themselves and to constantly question the who, how and why of their work.

In this way the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra aims to be a point of reference for artists at the forefront of contemporary art and aesthetic thought.


Location and Getting there

Rúa Maestranza, 2
36002 Pontevedra

Tel: 0034 986 80 18 00
Fax: 0034 986 80 18 85
Email: secfba@uvigo.es (Student Secretary)
sdfba@uvigo.es (Dean's Office)  

Department and information about the department

The Faculty is divided into six departments:

Painting (Director José Chavete Rodríguez)
Drawing (Director Araceli Liste Fernández)
Sculpture (Director Juan F. de Laiglesia Glez. de Peredo)
Artistic Expression (Director José Lillo Beviá)
History, Art and Geography (Director Victoria Carballo-Calero Ramos)
Analysis and Psychology (Director Antonio López Castedo)  

Academic Staff and Description


Student Facilities

The Faculty has a number of workshops, giving students all the technical assistance or access to tools and machines they might need. These include:

Metal workshop
Wood workshop
Ceramics workshop
Plastics workshop
Workshop for other materials

Information Centre: students have access to Internet and the information tools related to their studies.

The Faculty also has an audiovisual laboratory, CAD laboratory and engravings laboratory.

Tel - 986 80 18 36
Email - presbel@uvigo.es
Web address -
Catalogue -

Student Support

The Student Association is a group formed and administered by students to defend student rights and act as a body for communication between students and college authorities.
Tel: 986 80 18 78
Email: dafba@uvigo.es