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Why to study Plastic Arts in the UDLA?

Because it has an excellent professors pool with important knowledge and working experience, who participate actively in the national and international artistic environment

Their interdisciplinary models trend to the integral formation of the alumni, allowing them to interact with other areas in an open model

The attention is customized in small groups



Sta Catarina Martir
Phone: 0052(22202292129
Website: www.udlap.mx

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News and Events

Artistic Projects
Since it was founded the Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla has disseminated the work of nationally and internationally known artists through its contemporary art collection. The Artistic Projects Department conserves, registers and catalogues one of the country’s most important university contemporary art collections, which it exhibits in the campus buildings and gardens. It also organizes temporary and traveling exhibits and projects to show the work of young creators in different disciplines linked to the interests of contemporary university culture.


Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla Art Collection
Permanent Exhibition
Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla Art Collection. Permanent Exhibition. The university’s collection includes painting, sculpture, graphic art, photography and Talavera ceramics. It embraces the work of different artists who have belonged to movements like the Break (José Luis Cuevas, Alberto Gironella, Vicente Rojo) and the most recent trends (Mónica Castillo, Héctor Falcón, Laureana Toledo). It also includes the work of our profes...  [ Read All ]


Need an oficial transcript?

Follow these steps to request an official transcript if you studied at UDLA as an exchange student.

Step 1. Check your student account to make sure you have no outstanding debts.

If you owe money, you will need to settle your account beforehand. You can pay with a VISA or Mastercard credit card at

Remember, in order to pay or check your student account, you will need to use your PIN number. If you cannot remember your PIN number, please write to mexico@udlap.mx. Please include your complete name and UDLA ID number in your PIN request.

If you do not understand the items listed in your student account, you may write to
rodolfo.gonzalez@udlap.mx He will be glad to explain what the items refer to.

Step 2. Send an email to the Department of School Records, requesting an official transcript. The personnel in this office will inform you of costs and payment options. Please write to cace.servicios@udlap.mx

It may take a while for the request to be processed and the transcript sent, so plan carefully. Your patience and...  [ Read All ]

Student Support


Because the opportunities to learn and grow also exist beyond the classroom, the UDLA has developed a full array of activities, programs, and services that look to satisfy the extracurricular interests of our students. Our workshops recognize the richness and diversity of our student community in the same manner as they do the needs of our students that have the university as their second home. With this is mind, we look to contribute to the education of the student, collaborating with his or her social, personal, and cultural growth.

The areas of the workshops are:

Physical well-being
Hand crafts
Consult the list of workshops for this semester, and dates for inscription at:: www.udlap.mx/talleres
For more information:
Open from: 9 to 14 hrs. and from 15 to 17 hrs.
Office: CE 205 C (Planta alta del Centro Estudiantil)
Phone: +52 (222) 229 2100 ext. 4251
e-mail: talleres.universitarios@udlap.mx



The Universidad de las Américas, Puebla is a residential university, unique in Mexico. It is based on the system used at Yale and Harvard Universities.

The colleges aim to promote the comprehensive development of a “total individual.” They create small, organized communities, where the faculty knows and supports each student. His or her personal and academic concerns are channeled by specialized personnel, thus fostering friendship, personal growth and the capacity for leadership.

In 1995, the UDLA adopted the residential college system as an essential part of university life. Each college bears the name of a person who is closely linked to the history of the UDLA. The colleges promote the intellectual, social, and personal development of their residents by strengthening the relationship between class-based instruction and extracurricular activities. Collaborative learning processes are also encouraged through several college-based activities.
Each residential college is presided over by a master, who is also its principal faculty representative. The master is responsible for the comfort and safety of the students, and ...  [ Read All ]

How To Apply

Admission testing:
» Dates for UDLA admission testing
» Admission application and signature of services rendering agreement
» Results of the admission testing

b. Admission requirements:
» Mexicans
» Foreigners from Central and South America
» Foreigners from other parts of the world

c. Registration requirements:
» To take the placement testing
» To be a part of the induction program