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The University of Brasilia Foundation was created by Law 3.988 of December 15th, 1961. Professor Darcy Ribeiro, who became its first Chancellor, was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of its creation. The architect Oscar Niemeyer designed its main building, the Central Institute of Science (ICC). From its very beginning, the University of Brasilia (UnB) strived for excellence in teaching, research and outreach courses open to the community at large, thereby ranking as one of the most respected universities in Brazil.



CEP 70910-900
Phone: (55 61) 3307 2022
Fax: (55 61) 3272 0003
Website: http://www.unb.br

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Our Aims

“A university has to know all about the past and the present, but it must be ahead of its time”. Under this strategic plan, UnB is accomplishing its mission and pursuing new horizons. Through the Internet address www.unb.br, it is already possible to follow many of the university’s activities and discover – each day – more of what is being done at UnB. One of the latest novelties, for instance, is that UnB Press has become the first virtual university bookstore in Brazil.  

Department and information about the department

Architecture and Urbanism, Arts, Theater, Industrial Design, Artistic Education

Arts, Artistic Education

Master programs:
Architecture and Urbanism, Arts  

Information For  International Students

Through the International Affairs Office it is also possible to acquire all the information needed to establish contact with the University of Brasilia for a wide variety of cooperation and exchange programs.

The university accepts international students by:

Exchange programmes - These are for international students from academic institutions and organizations that have an agreement or an accord signed with the university. The programme lasts minimum from six months to one year.

Under graduate Students’ Programme - This programme (PEC-G - Programa de Estudante Convênio de Graduação) is for the students from university institutions of developing countries that have developed activities in cooperation with the Brazilian government. Students from Latin America, Africa and Asia are the biggest partners of the UnB in this project. The PEC-G searches the formation of human resources in developing countries and also wants to extend the effectiveness for the origin countries.

Pos Graduate Programme - This programme (PEC-PG - Programa de Estudante Convênio de Pós-Graduação) is through the Brazil...  [ Read All ]



Student Facilities

UnB is located in the heart of Brasilia, on the banks of Paranoá Lake. Marked by their unmistakable modernist architecture, is physical facilities house 23 institutes and schools; 50 departments; 16 scientific, technological, cultural, artistic and general service centers; student, faculty and staff residences; a University Hospital; a Sports Center equipped with swimming pools, race-track and various sports fields and courts; a Seismological Observatory capable of registering earthquakes across the planet; an Animal Research Laboratory and an Ecological Station. UnB is also about to build its own technological park.

Open from 7 AM to 11:45 PM, UnB’s Central Library has the largest archive in Midwestern Brazil and caters to the needs of the Federal District and of researches from across the nation. UnB also maintains a modern university restaurant, as well as the Fazenda Água Limpa, a farm in the outskirts of Brasilia where ecological, agricultural and forestry research is conducted.

The University has also developed its High Speed Multimedia UnB Net (REDUnB) and posted the electronic UnB Central Library Archive, offering ...  [ Read All ]

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