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Since 1499 the “Estudi General de València”, initially dedicated to the study of medicine, humanities, theology and law, has become a modern European university. Our University is open to almost every branch of teaching, research and culture.

Given the wide range of studies offered as well as its human dimension, the University of Valencia is one of the largest, oldest and most varied of the Spanish Universities.

A considerable increase in students over the last few decades led the university to an important transformation during the 1980s aimed at improving the quality of education and research. The institution now has almost 3,564 professors and lecturers, who are integrated into 92 departments and 16 research institutes of the Social, Health, Humanities, Education and Sciences.

The Juries of València – a registered and organic government institution created by King Jaume I in 1245 with the aim of administering, governing and ruling the city of València - compiled the studies dependent on the city and the church at the beginning of the 15th cent... [ Read All ]



Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 28
Phone: 0034 963 864 241
Fax: 0034 963 864 496
Website: http://www.uv.es/hart

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Location and Getting there

Departament d'Història de l'Art
Facultat de Geografia i Història
Universitat de València
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 28
46010 València

Tel: (+34) 963 864 241
Fax: (+34) 963 864 496
Email: dpto.historia.arte@uv.es

The History of Art department is on the third and fourth floors of the Geography and History Faculty building.
EMT buses: 9, 10, 12, 29, 30, 31, 70, 71, 80, 81, 89, 90
Underground: 79, line 3, Facultats station  

Department and information about the department

The History of Art Department coordinates the main part of the BA in History of Art as well as participating in other Humanities subjects. The department includes many teams following different lines of research and also edits its own annual magazine called Ars Longa. Different cycles of conferences about varying artistic genres are organised by the department throughout the academic year as well as seminars and other activities.
The department also offers Master’s and Doctorates related to its area of knowledge.  

Academic Staff and Description


Information For  Undergraduates

The department offers a BA in History of Art as a five-year degree as well as occasional courses on the History of Art.

Information For  Postgraduates

MASTER’S Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage
This course has been named as one of the 50 best Master’s in Spain and the second best Master’s in Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage in the country according to a survey by national newspaper El Mundo.
The course is directed by Daniel Benito Goerlich and given by professors specialising in history, restoration, architecture, archaeology, business, law, cultural management, photography and technology. It aims to dissect the function of cultural heritage and its relationship to the artistic and historical context.
The duration of the course is 450 hours, divided into two diplomas:
- Conservation of Cultural Heritage (January to March, 150 hours)
- Management of Cultural Heritage (May to December, 300 hours)

For further information and registration:
Fundación Universidad-Empresa. ADEIT
Plaza Virgen de la Paz, 3
46001 Valencia
Tel: (+34) 963 983 923
Fax: (+34) 963 983 933  

Information For  International Students

Continuous efforts are made by the Department for Scientific Policy and International Cooperation to strengthen links between the Universitat de València and education institutions throughout the world. This is evidenced by the 331 academic cooperation agreements entered into with more than 50 countries, such as Argentina, the US, Cuba, France, Mexico, and the UK. The agreements facilitate the exchange of many Universitat de València lecturers.
Networking is another action that shows the university's willingness to cooperate. At present, Universitat is a member of the EUA (European University Association) with more than 500 universities, CUM (Community of Mediterranean Univesities), EAIE (European Association of International Education) and the Joan Lluís Vives university network.
Participating in international mobility programmes like Socrates-Erasmus, Leonardo, Tempus, Alban, the grant scheme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation Agency is another way of boosting the movement of Universitat de València members.
Finally, a UV mobility programme has also been running for...  [ Read All ]


(Student Information Service)
Blasco Ibáñez Campus
C. Menéndez y Pelayo, s/n
Lecture rooms III
46010 València
Tel: (+34) 963 864 040
Fax: (+34) 963 864 019
Web: www.uv.es/dise  

Student Support

CADE (Student Guidance and Promotion Centre)
Blasco Ibáñez Campus
C. Menéndez y Pelayo, s/n
46010 València
Tel: (+34) 963 864 771
Fax: (+34) 963 864 827
Email: cade@uv.es
Web: www.uv.es/cade

University Guidance for Disabled Students
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 21
46010 València
Tel: (+34) 963 983 426
Fax: (+34) 963 864 758
Email: asesoria.discapacidad@uv.es
Web: www.uv.es/discapa



The halls of residence are university centres which offer accommodation to the members of Universitat de València, promoting their human, cultural and scientific training of their lodgers. They either belong to Universitat or are associated to it.

Located in the centre of the Blasco Ibáñez campus, this hall was a pioneer in the mixed accommodation system, since on 1st October 1980 it became the first mixed university hall in Spain. It provides 167 students with accommodation and there are rooms for 26 lecturers. The hall has a canteen, a bar, a library, a gym, video, music, and computer rooms, and an Internet connection in each room. Concerts are held at the Montaner Room (pop music, post and avant-rock, classical music), and films are also shown. The room is used for the activities organised by the Activity Committee, which encompasses different student clubs (sports, music, photography, theatre, etc.).
Lluís Vives Hall
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 23
46010 València
Tel: (+34) 963 864 190
Fax: (+34) 963 864 195
Email: cllvives@uv.es
Web: www.uv.es/llvives


How To Apply

Academic calendar: http://www.uv.es/dise/en/calendar.htm

To gain access to degree courses some of these requirements must be met:
- High education (university access tests must have been passed)
- COU (Pre-University Course) (university access tests must have been passed)
- Certain higher education training cycles
- Over 25 year olds having passed the admission test
- A university degree
- Foreign students with studies validated to COU/high education, having passed the university access tests

To start their degree at Universitat de València foreign students must apply for the accreditation of their educational qualifications by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. After that, they will have to sign up for the university access test at the Spanish Open University (UNED). Once the access test has been passed, pre-enrolment at the Universitat de València is the next step.
To continue studies at Universitat de València if a foreign student has already started his/her degree in his/her country, the dean or director of the college delivering the desired degree should be contacted and extraordina...  [ Read All ]

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Tel: (+34) 963 864 241
Fax: (+34) 963 864 496
Email: dpto.historia.arte@uv.es