University Of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina is home to more than 200 years of history and tradition, rising from a single building in 1805 on what would become the heart of the campus, the Horseshoe. The 11 buildings that now make up the Horseshoe frame a lush lawn that is an irresistible gathering place.

The University is expanding west toward the Congaree River in support of its research initiatives in nanotechnology, health sciences, Future Fuels™, and the environment. Three separate sites, each specializing in its own research area, will comprise this new innovation district, called Innovista. It will initially cover 500,000 square feet spread over about six city blocks but is projected to grow to five million square feet, mixing University and private research buildings, parking garages, and commercial and residential units around a public plaza called Foundation Square. By creating space for residences, retail, restaurants, and recreation that will complement the research, Innovista will be a place to live, learn, and work.

University of South Carolina

United States

McMaster College,
SC 29208
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Location and Getting there

Columbia, South Carolina  

Information For  Undergraduates

Undergraduate students interested in art history and studio art
can pursue the Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a general major.
The BA is also available for media arts students. Students interested in teaching can earn the Bachelor of Fine Arts
(BFA) in Art Education. And for practicing or aspiring artists, the BFA in Studio Art is available with more intense concentrations.


Information For  Postgraduates

Graduate studies are designed to build upon a solid undergraduate education. Accepted students may pursue postbaccalaureate work in the same four general areas of study: art education, art history, media arts, and studio art. The
Master of Arts is available in all four disciplines. Students interested in teaching can earn the Master of Arts in Teaching degree in art education. College graduates who already hold a professional certificate or who are academically certifiable by virtue of course work already completed can pursue the Interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts degree with options.


Information For  International Students

The USC and Columbia community provide a warm welcome for international and exchange students. International Programs for Students can answer your questions, and the International Students Association provides a social outlet for meeting interesting new people.  

Student Facilities

Our curriculum includes four major artistic disciplines: art education, art history, art studio, and media arts. Within studio and
media arts, students can specialize in everything from drawing and painting to graphic design and new media, from ceramics
and printmaking to photography or film and video, and from sculpture to audio and television production at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.