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The University of Southern Indiana is a regionally responsive, needs-driven, comprehensive public university in the model of the "new American college." Emphasizing teaching and interaction between faculty and students, the University favors need-based applied research rather than basic research, and is responsive to community needs.

The University of Southern Indiana has created an environment where teaching and learning are foremost in its mission and where the energy and dedication to purpose of faculty and staff have become a model for other universities. Among the state's baccalaureate institutions, the most productive faculty are found at USI. And the faculty's commitment to continual improvement in teaching has produced increasing quality of instruction and graduate preparedness. The University truly has been a creator of opportunity for thousands of students, many the first in their families to attend college.


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Our Aims

In all respects, USI is a winner. With a current enrollment of over 10,000 students, USI continues to grow in academics, remains the most inexpensive state university in Indiana, and prides itself on the safety, richness, and enthusiasm of campus life.  

Department and information about the department

The College of Liberal Arts is at the center of this community and for very good reasons. People who have graduated with Liberal Arts majors occupy most of the leadership positions in all walks of American life, perhaps because an education grounded in the liberal arts provides the essential skills of thinking and expression that prepare them for life and not just a job. A liberal arts education prepares students for the future in developing values and skills that make for life-long learning, sound lifestyle choices, and responsible citizenship. These qualities are at the heart of any college education.  

Information For  Undergraduates

The art program instructs students in the mastery of art skills and concepts, establishes a foundation for critical thinking, and develops each student’s creative potential. Four integrated academic units form the art program: studio art, graphic design, art education, and art history. Introductory courses in design and drawing prepare students for entry into areas of concentration within the major. These areas of concentration are designed to develop advanced technical and conceptual skills. In order to enhance their understanding of the visual arts, all art students complete a sequence of art history courses. Ultimately, the goal of the art program is to prepare each student to become a contributing member of the art profession, the community, and society as a whole.

Both the B.A. and the B.S. degrees in Art and in Education are offered in the art program. Within the art degree, students choose an emphasis in studio art (ceramics, jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, or woodworking), graphic design, illustration, or interactive media design. Students seeking an Art Education degree select either an all-grad...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

The art program serves to define professional goals and to provide entry into career fields or graduate study. Upon the completion of their studies at USI, many art majors have been accepted into graduate programs at prestigious institutions throughout the country. The art faculty takes pride in the accomplishments of its graduates, who have achieved success as graphic designers, artists, elementary- to university-level teachers, museum and gallery personnel, and art historians.

The art program is affiliated with the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, which provides continuous art exhibitions during the academic year and hosts the Senior Seminar Exhibition in January. An internship program allows senior art students to work in professional settings at design firms, museums, and galleries in the area. The culmination of each year’s work is the student art exhibition held on campus each spring.  

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