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The history of Wagner begins over one hundred years ago in 1883 upon the founding of the Lutheran Proseminary in Rochester, NY. With six students and Reverend Alexander Richter as its first director, the school began its mission of training future Lutheran ministers. Wagner received the name it bears today shortly after its founding. With $12,000 for a new campus, John G. Wagner and his wife provided this new name as a memorial to their son, George Wagner, a Lutheran ministerial student who had died before realizing his own ambition to become a minister.

As the school grew in reputation and size, the New York Ministerium, in control of Wagner since 1888, recognized the need to find a new home for the institution and placed Reverend Dr. Frederic Sutter, one of Wagner's first graduates, in charge of the relocation. Reverend Sutter, to become a long time supporter of Wagner College throughout his life, was then in the process of establishing his own ministry on Staten Island. Through his efforts, Wagner College relocated to Grymes Hill on Staten Island in 1918. Reverend Sutter could not have chosen a more beautiful site... [ Read All ]

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Our Aims

For students with an interest in art, Wagner College offers unique and exciting opportunities. Our art department, comprised of experienced practicing artists with a strong commitment to teaching, has a full curriculum of courses in the fine arts, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics, computer arts and art history. But, Wagner College offers much more than a traditional art school: the chance to study the visual arts while obtaining a liberal arts education. At Wagner, students develop their visual talents while gaining thebreadth of knowledge, intellectual curiosity and writing skills that only a liberal arts education can provide. Just miles from New York City, our students visit and intern at the world's premier museums, galleries and art collections. If you are thinking of studying art, and also want the advantages of a liberal arts college in New York City, consider Wagner College.


Location and Getting there

Where is Wagner College? Wagner sits on a hilltop overlooking Manhattan, the Atlantic Ocean and New York Harbor in the borough of Staten Island. Wagner's 105-acre campus is on Grymes Hill, a classic turn-of-the-century oasis that was once the exclusive domain of families like the Vanderbilts and Cunards.

Located just twenty-five minutes from Manhattan, with its countless cultural, intellectual and professional opportunities, the College's suburban setting provides the serenity of a quiet campus as a complement to the excitement of New York City. A ride on the Staten Island Ferry (and it's free!) transports our students and visitors to the wealth of opportunity that Manhattan offers. And if you want to remain in the local area, the many restaurants, movies, shops and cultural activities on Staten Island will keep you busy.

Wagner's Students take advantage of our extraordinary location every day in their field experiences, internships and professional development.

They attend world-class arts performances and visit world-renowned museums; great professional athletics teams are at our doorstep, as are Wall Street a...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The Art Program offers a major in visual art leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The purpose is to give students a strong foundation in visual art within the framework of a liberal arts curriculum and to prepare those students planning to pursue graduate studies in studio art. The art major is exposed to a wide range of studio experiences and skills and a solid background in the history of art. Major emphasis is placed on four areas: drawing, painting, ceramics, and printmaking. The rich exposure to art which is available in New York City makes the study of visual arts at Wagner an exceptionally valuable experience.


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Student Facilities

Wagner's 105-acre hilltop campus provides the perfect surroundings for our campus facilities, from Cunard Hall, our first building dating to the 1850's to our newest facility, the Spiro Sports Center, completed in 1999.

We take pride in our facilities and encourage all students to take advantage of the many opportunities they provide. Listed below is a brief description of some of our major facilities. To learn more, click on the links provided for the respective listings.


Student Life

Being part of a community where students can easily establish their own identities is an enormously important advantage that Wagner offers. Our size allows students to become involved in life on campus in a significant way beginning in their very first semester at the College.
The offices of the Dean of the College, Co-Curricular Programs, and Residence Life coordinate a full array of activities and events. Providing events in residence halls and over 60 different clubs and organizations including honors societies, sororities and fraternities, student government, and intramurals, these offices provide a way for everyone to become involved. During Orientation, students meet their first year Peer Leaders who help them connect with academic and social life on campus and serve as mentors during the first semesters on campus. Becoming involved during the first semester helps students meet one another and faculty members, and provides them opportunities to contribute to their campus community.

In addition to all the events on campus, Co-Curricular Programs arranges trips to Broadway shows, Six Flags, Yankee Stadium, the many differen...  [ Read All ]


Wagner College accepts responsibility for educating its students in the broadest possible sense. Residential living is one part of the collective college experience that provides a continuing opportunity for personal, social and intellectual development.

One of the objectives of the residence hall program at Wagner College is to offer our students frequent opportunities to use the skills and knowledge they have garnered in making independent and mature decisions. We expect all residents to acquire an active sense of responsible citizenship and,by doing so, to embrace and maintain the positive living and learning community which exists at Wagner College. In this community all participants help to create a space in which the individuality of each student and the diversity of the group are both respected and upheld.


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