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Although its founding year is 1871, the University in fact has deeper roots tracing from West Chester Academy, a private, state-aided school that existed from 1812 to 1869. The academy enjoyed strong support from the highly intellectual Chester County Cabinet of the Natural Sciences of the pre-Civil War decades. It was recognized as one of Pennsylvania's leading preparatory schools, and its experience in teacher training laid the groundwork for the normal school years that were to follow. As the state began to take increasing responsibility for public education, the academy was transformed into West Chester Normal School, still privately owned but state certified. The normal school admitted its first class, consisting of 160 students, on September 25, 1871. In 1913, West Chester became the first of the normal schools to be owned outright by the Commonwealth.

West Chester became West Chester State Teachers College in 1927 when Pennsylvania initiated a four-year program of teacher education. In 1960, as the Commonwealth paved the way for liberal arts programs in its college system, West Chester was renamed West Chester ... [ Read All ]

West Chester

United States

Mitchell Hall, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
PA 19383
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Website: http://www.wcupa.edu/cvpa

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Our Aims

Vision Statement

West Chester University will be a national model for excellence for public regional comprehensive universities and especially noted for:

Undergraduate programs that actively engage students in connecting the life of the mind to the world in which they live and work.
The responsiveness of its graduate and post-baccalaureate programs to regional needs.
Its focus on providing lifelong-learning, technical, and applied skills essential to graduates’ success now and in the future.
A commitment by faculty, staff, and administrators to provide access and to serve effectively the educational needs of a diverse student body.
Its role as a leading educational and cultural resource and partner in fostering the economic, social, and cultural vitality of southeastern Pennsylvania.
The West Chester University Mission Statement

West Chester University, a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, is a public, regional, comprehensive institution committed to providing access and offering high-quality undergraduate education, select post-baccalaureate and graduate programs, and a variety of edu...  [ Read All ]

Location and Getting there

West Chester University is in West Chester, a town that has been the seat of government in Chester County since 1786. With a population of about 20,000, the borough is small enough to have the pleasant aspects of a tree-shaded American town, large enough to contain essential services and the substance of a vigorous community, and old enough to give the student exposure to America's early history. Students can walk to West Chester's many churches. The town has excellent stores and a fine hospital.

West Chester was settled in the early 18th century, principally by members of the Society of Friends. In the heart of town is its courthouse, a classical revival building designed in the 1840s by Thomas U. Walter, one of the architects for the Capitol in Washington, D.C. West Chester today is part of the rapidly growing suburban complex surrounding Philadelphia and offers interesting opportunitities for the study of local, county, and regional government in a period of change and growth.

Philadelphia is 25 miles to the east and Wilmington 17 miles to the south, putting the libraries, museums, and other cultural and historical resourc...  [ Read All ]

Department and information about the department

The Department of Art at West Chester University has established an organized and structured program integrating the visual arts and academic disciplines. A high-quality faculty interested in its students expends energy and effort well beyond the walls of it modern air-conditioned studios and classrooms. Intensive and individualized instruction prepares the young artist for work at the professional level. The fine arts building, Mitchell Hall, provides a setting conducive to creative endeavors. The art galleries present an ever-changing exhibition of work from all areas of the visual arts. The Senior Art Show is always a highlight of the exhibition season.


Academic Staff and Description


News and Events

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Information For  Undergraduates

Undergraduate Courses:

105 Art Workshop (3)
An art workshop for non-art majors. Exploration of art materials and techniques.

106 Beginning Drawing (3)
Drawing from direct observation and an introduction to ideas of perception and interpretation. Use of a variety of media.

111 Basic Design (2-Dimensional Design) (3)
Developing a visual vocabulary by experimenting with shape, space, light, color, and texture in a variety of media.

112 Color and Design (2-Dimensional Design) (3)
Extensive study of color theory and its application to a variety of fine and industrial arts projects.

113 Computer Art I (3)
Introduction to computer art is designed to provide students of graphics and fine arts with the skills necessary to utilize the computer as a graphics tool, enabling students to incorporate computer art technology into their work.

147 Crafts: Weaving (3)
Basic techniques of weaving are explored with emphasis on fabric design and craftsmanship.

206 Intermediate Drawing (3)
Work in a variety of media and methods designed to develop "aggressive seeing." Emphasis on the exploration of line as boundary to de...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

Graduate Courses:

500 Art Seminar (3)
Special topics to be announced for studio and art history. Offered periodically as appropriate. PREREQ: Permission of instructor.

516-517 Painting I-II (3)
Extensive experimentationin studio problems and directions. The strategies of technique and a personal style are explored. Each section of this course varies with the instructor.

520 Painting: Independent Projects (3)
Individualized instruction at an advanced level. Development of professional, personal, and imaginative statements leading to formation of the student's pictorial identity.

521 Sculpture I (3)
Introduction to sculpture via the fundamentals of 3-D design. Use of basic tools, development of skills, techniques, and processes in creating sculpture. Projects in plaster, clay, stone, and wood.

525 Multimedia Workshop in Sculpture III (3)
Fabrication methods and techniques, using wood, plastic, and various metals.

531 Ceramics I (3)
Ceramic techniques and aesthetics of clay, leading toward development of creative expression. Exercises in hand-built and wheel thrown forms. Formulation of clay bodies, gl...  [ Read All ]



Student Facilities

The Art Department at West Chester Uinversity has two state-of the-art graphics labs with 50 G-4 and G-3 Macintosh computers and twelve art studios for painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and ceramics. It also houses two gallery spaces, the Mckinney Gallery and the Long Gallery, which feature work from contemporary artists in Pennsylvania and art students studying within the department.

The art studios and labs are open weekdays and weekends, to provide students with opportunities to work outside of regular scheduled class time.

Exhibition Spaces
The Department of Art houses two gallery spaces located in Mitchell Hall adjacent to the foyer and very visible to both students and visitors.Professor Richard Blake, the director of the Mckinney Gallery and the Long Gallery, maintains a regular schedule of professional artist and student exhibitions throughout the school year. The final exhibition and highlight of the season is the Graduating Senior Exhibition.


Student Life

Student Affairs Departments encourage students to become involved in campus life through social and educational programs, leadership and personal development sessions, student organization membership, athletic and recreational activities, community service, and on-campus employment opportunities. Engagement in “life outside-of-the-classroom” is an important part of the overall college experience and compliments the academic mission of the University. We take great pride in serving students in a variety of ways--defined by our common goal of graduation and student success.



The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services, located in room 202 Lawrence Center, assists students in all aspects of their on-campus living experience. This includes supervision of the residence hall staff, oversight of university policies and procedures related to campus housing, and the oversight of the traditional north campus residence halls and the south campus apartment complex. The Residence Life and Housing Services staff is committed to making your experience in on-campus housing both an enjoyable experience and one of personal development. If you need assistance, please call 610.436.3307 or email housing@wcupa.edu.


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